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The CD was pushing the envelope of what was possible in 1982, but in the 21st century technology's given us a choice:
  • We can shrink file sizes of songs to fit many tracks into tiny pocket-sized players
  • We can trade size for quality and listen to music that sounds better than ever
It's an either/or decision.  Bigger really means better, when it comes to sound quality, though today smaller can be good enough for many applications (an mp3 is more than sufficient for background music, car stereos, or walking around tunes).  The trick is to capture the best possible quality initially, and shrink files later to suit your needs. music|media|design offers premium transfer services, not just for musicians, but to the world.  We'll transfer your record collection, or your old mix tapes to CD, DVD or iTunes.  We'll transfer your old DAT, ADAT and DA88 tapes, as well as analog 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" formats to any digital medium you want, at any quality you need.

Unique Transfer Features:

  • Highest-resolution digital conversion available (up to 192K/24 bit), for stereo or multichannel masters in most formats.
  • Superior A/D Conversion from any source with Metric Halo's ULN8 (m|m|d was on the original development/testing team for this boutique champ)
  • We have the very best noise reduction and restoration suite in town.  No one can match our restoration kit (we use SonicStudio NoNoise, Izotope RX, Metric Halo SpectraFoo and a host of other specialized tools).  If it can be fixed, we can fix it.
  • iTunes Library Building is a specialty - let us transfer and consolidate your record collection, including precious vinyl at the highest possible quality (exceeding the original analog media).
  • Great preview/reference options (we can provide CD and DVD-based refs)
  • Free format conversions (up/down sampling, mp3 or mp4 encoding, etc) from any high-resolution digital transfer we perform.
If you have records, CDs, DVDs or tapes to transfer, nobody in Cincinnati area does it better.  Contact for details and prices.

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