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It's hard to imagine a worse disaster for the media world than the proposed XM/Sirius merger Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, . In spite of the hoopla, assurances, Zovirax australia, uk, us, usa, and analysis, Purchase Zovirax online, on every level, this deal stinks by definition. While we firmly reject "zero-sum" economic models, Zovirax blogs, we recognize real benefits in competition. Buy generic Zovirax, There's plenty of pie to go around, as long as the pie keeps growing. Competition and risk drive innovation, buy cheap Zovirax no rx, which in turn enables growth. Lack of competition results in market stagnation, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax price, Stagnant markets not only don't grow, but evaporate. Take a closer look at how this merger will affect the media market, generic Zovirax.

Consumers will be hit first, Buy Zovirax without prescription, if not worst, by this change. First and foremost, Zovirax natural, subscription prices will be disconnected from a real market. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, After you've invested in special hardware to listen, especially in-dash systems, you are more likely to accept a non-stop stream of small increases over time. Zovirax canada, mexico, india, Like health care costs, the lack of direct competition and the false appearance of choice (does DBS really compete with free radio?) mean there will be no disincentive for regular price increases.

Direct Broadcast Satellite systems are enormous technological undertakings, purchase Zovirax online no prescription, requiring enormous capital outlays. Buy Zovirax from canada, Since the turn of the century, XM and Sirius have continuously pushed the technology, increasing channels and quality, order Zovirax online c.o.d, while making subscriptions affordable. Zovirax cost, As a result of their competition, XM has developed technology superior to their sole competitor, Sirius, doses Zovirax work. Meanwhile Sirius focused on new content models, developing programming that differs from conventional radio, alongside more open talk formats, like Howard Stern's shows, which drove subscriptions, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. While a merger will certainly reduce infrastructure costs, Zovirax brand name, and improve Sirius' technology and XM's programming, the incentive to innovate in either arena will largely disappear. Today both companies deliver superior programming compared to most terrestrial broadcasts, Zovirax forum, by any measure, Order Zovirax no prescription, because they must out-do each other in the race for subscribers in a mutually exclusive market. After a merger the competition returns to earth. DBS will have to be better than broadcast radio and cable/web based "music choice" channels and home made podcasts, Zovirax alternatives, but the strongest competitor for each company will vanish overnight. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, So much for innovative programming. Buy cheap Zovirax, Investors of both companies are also losers. While competition meant significant risk for all shareholders, it guaranteed significant reward for those of at least one company, Zovirax maximum dosage. In the worst case, Discount Zovirax, the weaker broadcaster might collapse entirely, but with good management and innovation it shouldn't be hard (much less impossible) for them to survive on less than half of a market much larger than todays. The nearly inevitable outcome of their current battle is more receivers and subscription for both, Zovirax without prescription, the only question is who gets more. Competition is harder than riding the gravy train for sure, but it grows the train and creates more gravy, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax dangers, Here's what we know for sure: Given that there are THREE major TV networks, a few more major radio networks, dozens of cable system operators, Zovirax for sale, hundreds of cable networks and literally thousands of individual broadcasters in the US alone, No prescription Zovirax online, there are more than enough subscribers for two satellite radio systems.

It appears the management of both companies are colluding to drive down the cost of programming. The status quo has given B list celebs and radio personalities enormous raises, Zovirax dosage, relative to their previous earnings on terrestrial networks. Zovirax interactions, Launching and maintaining a system of satellites, not to mention creating, marketing and supporting receivers and constantly developing software is not an inexpensive proposition, Zovirax description. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, The merger's immediate effect on that investment is to severely discount one of the two company's ground-side technology (which amortized over time becomes a long term drag on profits). There are some savings in administration, Zovirax pharmacy, and some potential savings in consolidating facilities. But the biggest savings of all are to be found when it's time to negotiate talent contracts and deals. Given the state of terrestrial broadcasting and podcasting, ordering Zovirax online, for the real stars, Zovirax long term, DBS has suddenly become a one horse town. The same is true in music: Satellite already has a better deal than webcasters, but if their music channels become star-making vehicles as radio once was, where can i buy Zovirax online, expect that deal to improve.

This deal has no winners, but it's not really about that, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax reviews, It's an early venture in "dataculture", and like early agriculture, there are some bugs to work out of the model, Zovirax no rx. These competitors have recognized the facts presented here, and determined that while the rewards accrue slowly but steadily, risk is a constant. XM and Sirius have decided that since upside growth is largely fixed (audience can never exceed population) they are better off sharing the rewards, than driving up the cost of goods through competitive pressures and adding to their risk. This merger is all about eliminating the possibility of losing at an opportune moment in time (before the next round of talent bidding and technology upgrades begin). Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, So what's the problem. First, one of these companies stands to "win" in today's market, and in the process define the norms for both company's future survival. Merging eliminates the rewards for the winners entirely, while guaranteeing the "losers" investment is no longer at risk (removing all possibility of rebound or turnarounds that happen all the time in every market). Similarly consumer choice will be eliminated, putting it entirely on government regulators to protect their existing investment in hardware, and subscription decisions they've already made. Finally artists and creative talent suffer severely when there is no competition. Entertainment monopolies are among the most difficult to police and prosecute once they get rolling, and their effect on the market has historically never been positive. This deal really smells bad for everyone other than the executives and big-time investors who are using it to hedge past bad bets.

Dave Davis
Media Designer . Sound Images.

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Betnovate For Sale, that they require both literacy and time to consume. While email and the web certainly enhance basic literacy, they actively consume free time, buying Betnovate online over the counter. Ruthlessly Darwinian decisions are constantly made about what to read, Buy cheap Betnovate, view and consider. In many (most?) cases the rawest sensationalism will beat depth or accuracy. Of course this view comes off as sour grapes in the context of, Betnovate from canada, where we spew ideas to no one. But it's equally true for The Daily Kos and the New York Times, Betnovate For Sale. Purchase Betnovate online, For many reasons, raw meat trumps meatloaf on the web. So what's a blogger to do?, herbal Betnovate. Short of "sexing up" one's posts with inflammatory or sensational headers and content, Buy Betnovate without prescription, the answer may involve expanding the concept of literacy to other media, including video and audio, so ideas may be consumed at other venues and times, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Podcasting, Taking Betnovate, in all it's forms, is one such solution. Betnovate For Sale, Of course simply reading this post into a microphone will not make it more interesting or compelling. Likewise, Betnovate pharmacy, while "powerpoint" style visuals and text can improve retention and comprehension, Betnovate steet value, they do nothing to attract and hold interest. In today's media market, high production values matter more, my Betnovate experience. You Tube user-generated content seems to contradict this notion, Betnovate images, but consider the nature of viral videos: they tend to be short, and derive or assume legitimacy through low production values that suggest a "regular person" and not a professional created and delivered the package. The ideas of the author are enhanced by the individual's autonomy from a corporation, order Betnovate online c.o.d, indicated by the home-made look and sound of the work. This is just one contemporary tactic though, Betnovate For Sale. Order Betnovate from mexican pharmacy, At the other end of the spectrum are professionally produced pre-packaged news stories, distributed on DVD, tape or via the net, where to buy Betnovate, and delivered by local news personalities as "original" reportage, Betnovate mg, and corporate media. This content also enhances messages in the public eye, by disconnecting the audio and video elements of the program, cheap Betnovate, and augmenting the "canned" images and sounds with fresh narrative. Buy Betnovate from canada, Somewhere in between lies traditional documentary and journalistic forms. One powerful solution to our "blog problem" lies close to those classic formats. Betnovate For Sale, Talk radio, all-news and sports radio formats, as well as NPR programming, attract big, loyal audiences. Part of this is content driven: Sports and news junkies will always find a fix, Betnovate online cod. But just as important, Buy Betnovate no prescription, time and venue (car, bus, office) encourage rich audio-centric formats, Betnovate recreational. Interestingly, Cheap Betnovate no rx, monologues are rarely valued. While bloviators like Rush Limbaugh fill the majority of their time with their own wind, they rely in equal measure on listeners, Betnovate pics, to provide appropriate echos of their themes, Betnovate australia, uk, us, usa, or targets for their venom and reaction. When you remove the callers, talk formats only succeed through guests, Betnovate For Sale. Good guests draw, no guests or outside sounds drive listeners away, buy no prescription Betnovate online. Really. Betnovate without prescription, By contrast, even the most popular blogs have a tiny fraction of the audience of most major metropolitan radio stations. We may frequent dozens of blogs, Betnovate interactions, but visit none as frequently as we hear radio, Buy cheap Betnovate no rx, or watch my favorite network TV series'. Betnovate For Sale, Podcasts fare a little better since they're "pushed" via subscription to iPods and PC music libraries, but even there time is a critical variable. Some shows are "stale" or superceded by a new episode before we ever hear them. Still, Betnovate overnight, it's the user who decides when to delete, Betnovate maximum dosage, or listen.

While I'm not suggesting blogging is dead or obsolete (quite the opposite, we're at the front of this curve), Betnovate treatment, I am saying it may not be the most effective tool to communicate with broad audiences. Doses Betnovate work, The intimacy and closeness of blogging can be attractive but the fact is many people already have plenty to read in their lives. Time is a real barrier, Betnovate For Sale. Formats that can be delivered and consumed with less active attention from the user can overcome that barrier. Podcasts can be delivered to passive users via subscription, after Betnovate. Many people can't read on cars, Betnovate coupon, busses or trains without getting sick, but these same folks have no problem listening to music or audio programs while riding or even driving. Podcasts don't lash the listener to a fixed seat, Betnovate gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, nor does their quality degrade over time and distance like broadcast. Betnovate For Sale, Programs can be shaped and sized based on the needs of the message, or the listener, or both, instead of being clocked to wastefully fill pre-determined "time slots" and program grids. Audiences for podcasts, like blogs, are self-selecting and potentially self-qualifying, but for all the reasons mentioned, capable of attracting much wider audiences in the manner of broadcast. But unlike broadcasts, the cost/eyeball is knowable, controllable and scalable.

As potential podcasters recognize these benefits, production values will certainly increase. Competition in the iTunes Music Store between free podcasts and paid video content is heating up, and more companies are tasking capable in-house production teams or freelancers with producing content. We see this already when established podcasts are "adopted" or "sponsored" by corporations, Betnovate For Sale. Typically the look and sound improves dramatically as a condition of sponsorship. This is good news for creatives, and savvy companies and individuals. Podcasting remains a natural meritocracy, where quality and content trump pervasive placement.

Podcasting combines the benefits of broadcasting and blogging, but it's solutions to the biggest problems of those media is more significant than the similarities. Betnovate For Sale, Podcasting has evolved to encompass everything from entertainment to corporate communications, incorporating still imagery, web-links, and more recently, full-motion video. This richness expands the market for podcasts of all kinds, as do advancements in player technologies. Even many cell phones can deliver content these days. Podcasting and podcast players, along with digital video recorders (DVRs) like TiVo, shuffle the deck. While blogging remains a good way to communicate with the most engaged users and clients, podcasts hold greater potential to reach the masses. We can apply this potential to meeting their many and varied niche needs.

Dave Davis
Media Designer • Sound Images

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