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ThinHardDisk.jpg The Case for Reconstruction Armour For Sale, Traditional labels are like prospectors or sports franchises. Their model requires them to pick winners and encourages them to dump losers. Contracts are based on the (false) assumption that the labels deliver some sort of economy of scale, and technical know-how when it comes to marketing music. They sign artists to deals that include investment for development, not only of product but artists themselves. But they cannot actually pick, Armour schedule, breed or train stars, and in practice, the culture and history of the business almost precludes any sort of useful development. The concept of the sophomore jinx is a monument to the success of major label A&R, Armour For Sale. The problems with this model are manifold and should be obvious to all, if only in the results: Every major has historically failed to develop artists, and all profits are based on continuously churning catalogs of known, proven hits, usually acquired through dumb luck or licensing, Armour for sale. Fortunately, one doesn't have to deconstruct this mangled monster to see a better way.

Labels cannot pick winners and losers, but in a modular culture, anyone can recognize and respond to demand. Demand for products is linked to market niches and events, Armour from mexico, all of which are easily sortable by the databases driving our life. Armour For Sale, For instance, the sudden success of a local professional sports franchise creates predictable demand for merchandise of all sorts. That demand is broad-based, and not necessarily limited by official license channels. In the past, selling novelty singles and LPs in traditional music marketing chains has been a disaster: Returns tend to swamp sales, and devour most of the investment. Today a savvy label is selling the identical product in non-traditional venues (Starbucks, iTunes, Armour use, supermarket checkout impulse buy), but with virtually no risk of return. Similarly, custom CD's may be produced under license to be sold or given away as hand outs by lifestyle retailers; these deals are closed-ended and flat rate license, so there is virtually no risk, and known reward.

Given what we know about the needs of artists, the demands of the market, and the nature of our networked society, we can easily imagine deals that work to the mutual benefit of all involved, fairly compensating everyone for their contributions in a timely and appropriate manner, Armour For Sale. Armour price, coupon, Other disciplines and industries have found great profit and success selling very similar products to music recordings. Awareness of those models, and the specific sales channels used suggest shortcuts in our endeavors.

Forget Winners, But Avoid Losers.
Labels cannot pick winners, but they can avoid losers through common sense and conventional business metrics. Given that recording is so affordable, many (most?) artists are capable and even willing to shop finished products, where can i cheapest Armour online, or at very least, preliminary mixes of finished recordings. Armour For Sale, Bird in the hand. A band's merch table, previous album sales, and work ethic are evident, on display at every show (if not, Armour without a prescription, a deficiency or need are apparent). Poor work-ethic need not eliminate a band from consideration, or relegate them to losers status. All shortcomings can be addressed in a systematic way, and associated costs can be factored into the larger equation. Signing the worlds most disorganized, and dysfunctional band to a deal can be a no-brainer: Other variables, like the band's drawing power and fan base, get Armour, license appeal of the artist or music, or even touring patterns or circuit suggest solutions. Again, recognizing markets and niches when you see them, and balancing demand with supply and availability of product to those markets are the key, Armour For Sale.

Shop and Buy Projects, Not Artists. And... never invest in Talent!
Multirecord deals are sucker bets without winners in today's market. No prescription Armour online, The label execs that sign artists to the deals rarely survive the contract, so a new team is saddled with someone else's vision. Armour For Sale, The results of such arrangements are predictable failure. The old studio system of the movie world and major sports leagues worked like modern labels, in that stars were signed to long term deals, based on past performance and some imagined future potential. This is a numbers game at best, so the only way to prosper is with tricky legal deals and heavy handed contracts, reinforced by monopolistic market structure, online buying Armour. While the marketing of a project is by definition a collaborative, team effort, the team is assembled through a vicious, adversarial process, and marketing is often disrupted by team owners juggling the lineups and key players on a whim.

Modern movies are marketed alone or in packages, Armour no prescription, with studios operating mostly as the ultimate middlemen, connecting disparate groups of independent operators. While they maintain lots and staff, movies are increasingly made by freelance specialists, each refining a slice of the craft to attract future projects, Armour For Sale. Making and maintaining these connections is a full time job. Producers and marketers of movie properties sell shares of production like stocks or bonds. The more credible and advanced the concept, the greater the value of the shares. This model can be easily applied to the business of record making.

Modular Labels & Scaler Deals. Armour For Sale, In the age of mass-customization, one size never fits all in anything. Even in conventional labels, buy Armour online no prescription, every deal is unique, however a consistent and modular structure can be much more fair and profitable for artist and label alike. There is a fixed menu of services available for every record, each with an associated cost. Some services are inappropriate or unnecessary for projects of a certain size, or in a particular market (for instance, Armour natural, live recordings of jam bands are useful products, but not so much for crooners and torch singers).

Given this reality, not only must we scale deals to match the needs of each project (as distinct from the artist), but we must be prepared to scale the label and possibly the artist as well. Everyone can make money off of a record that sells only 5000 copies, provided expenses are controlled and marketing is done with consideration of scale, Armour For Sale. It makes no more sense to mass-market a niche product than it does to bury a solid pop record in a sea of indie shoe-gazing. The appeal of an album or artist is not unknowable: how crowds respond, and how previous releases are sold tell you all you need to know to break even, Armour alternatives.

Every band's needs are different. As creative capabilities converge, it's increasingly normal for

Realizing Value Without Control
Risk and reward are hard to balance on speculative ventures like music. Armour For Sale, While no one can know whether any record will be a hit, any record can break even. But, the key is controlling costs, not people. Armour price, This is accomplished by scaling the entire project. Control of people is always tricky, and rarely positive for both sides. People make deals with the best of intentions, and expect success, or deals would not be made. The roots of conflict are control: broad contracts that seek to protect parties from one another require mechanisms of control, intimidation and interference, Armour For Sale. When signed it's assumed these are constructive forces, but that's not really possible to assure, where can i find Armour online, and rarely realized in practice. All the control necessary for an album project is possession of physical product and masters, along with the assigned right to collect and disburse profits of digital sales.

A work-for-hire model allows creative and technical contributors to a project to be fairly compensated for actual work. Negotiating discounts for work performed, or arguing over imaginary points for sales that have not happened is not the only solution, Armour photos, just a status quo that benefits no one, and limit the success of projects. Armour For Sale, Start with a fair market rate for every service provided. Forget the discounts, throw away the points. Insert a simple risk-compensation mechanism in their place. The sooner one is paid their fair market rate, the less they are owed. As time passes, discount Armour, the cost of those services accrues interest at a fixed, known pace. No tricky accounting gimmicks, no points, Armour For Sale. Pay now, or pay later, it's always the artists choice.

The choice extends far beyond production personnel, Armour over the counter, to the label itself. The artist may buy-back all inventory, and repurchase rights at any time. Again, the rate is set up front, and is always known. Armour For Sale, If another label has a better deal, both label and artist are protected. The label gets it's original investment returned in full, with a fair profit for their effort, fast shipping Armour. The artist is always free to take better deals.

To prevent artists from leaving, the deal should get sweeter with success. As work-for-hire is paid off, profit for artist and label increases. The label has a strong incentive to maintain a fair, competitive margin, Armour For Sale. If the margin is too low, Order Armour from United States pharmacy, the label's ability to sell product is hindered. Too high and the other offers look competitive.

Inventory is a challenge. One must press enough to create, then meet the demands of unexpected success, yet anything over that is a waste. Armour For Sale, Fortunately, once the basic manufacturing parts have been created for a release (masters, label art, film etc), turnaround time is quite short. These days discs can be drop-shipped to retailers from the plant, and turnaround is generally less than 2 weeks, Armour pictures. Still, the initial order quantity is critical. Too many or too few copies when you need them are equally problematic.

There are several factors that can establish a baseline for sales, with minimal consideration to quality of music, production and packaging. An established artist or band will generally be able to sell a consistent number of copies for each title they release, using the same approach, Armour For Sale. Purchase Armour online no prescription, This number can be used as a starting point for an initial order. It's not smart to add pre-orders and other anticipated windfalls to the original quantity. There's no real benefit to maintaining a large inventory, and significant risk. The more novel the niche, the less dependable it is as a revenue stream. Armour For Sale, With bands, the benefits of experience and longevity are offset by the risk of break-up. The longer a group has been together, the less time you have until they break up, buy generic Armour. This risk is minimized in several ways. Having a finished master, or at least a set of final mixes to evaluate is more important with established bands, since this provides a context for the new work, and some means to predict sales. Younger bands have less of a track record, Purchase Armour, but often more buzz, which can be leveraged and enhanced within a project. By enabling these groups to get the most out of their budgets, and setting modest sales goals they can make products they're proud to sell, and take advantage of the expertise of those around them, Armour For Sale. In short, good habits can be set for a career, through enlightened self-interest and opportunity. The risk with younger bands is that they can be easily discouraged, or worse, distracted by major label leeches offering bad deals with greater ego appeal, Armour results.

Point-Of-Purchase Accounting
Starbucks, CD Baby and iTunes are modern sales models. Best Buy, Sam Goody, Tower, et al represent a backwards approach to an otherwise soluble problem. Armour For Sale, New models treat records like other retail goods, purchased to be sold. Armour trusted pharmacy reviews, Old models treat them as a tease, to be ordered and returned, greatly complicating accounting and minimizing every artists exposure to their true fans. Modern models use technology to modulate cost directly with demand. Archaic models attempt to predict and manipulate entire markets. They can do this because, unlike modern outlets, the old school is built on the industrial model: they make money selling identical, buy Armour from mexico, cookie-cutter copies of a single property to millions of people. This spam-the-market approach is anachronistic, Armour For Sale. Leveraging scarcity in a world of plenty is not a winning formula. Identifying niches, and selling music products as special and unique makes far more sense.

Starbuck's is one of the largest retail sellers of music. Their markup is absurdly high, Armour street price, relative to the competition, and their selection is extremely limited, in other words, the opposite of Wal-Mart's music formula (every milk toast artist who ever put out a record, at the cheapest possible price). Armour For Sale, No doubt Wal-Mart has made billions for the labels, as the McDonald's of the music industry (clean restrooms assured!). But Starbucks has made dozens of artists by knowing their own customers and introducing them to new and old sounds that match their tastes. Wal-Mart will never break a new artist, but worse, online buy Armour without a prescription, they will never offer a fair profit for the most established and hottest artists. Through accounting tricks, stiff-arm negotiation, and inattention, the margins for these sales are barely worth the trouble to artists (although labels can and do profit by their association).

iTune's is another example of a highly profitable, Armour dose, artist-building model, that is resisted by labels, who have poisoned their artists minds with collective attorney-think. iTunes is unfriendly to middlemen and margin-feeders because there's no inventory, no costs, no deal to cut or physical product to move around and mark up, Armour For Sale. Put a song in one end of iTunes music store, all that comes out are profits to be divided. By contrast, every major label alternative is a black hole: Subscriptions only seem like a great deal, until you ask how you get paid, about Armour. Fractional pennies (or no pennies at all, for younger artists) don't compare to the better part of a dollar, and a persistent connection to a fan. Compared to the iTunes store, Napster, MusicMatch and every major label driven online initiative is a cheesy, Armour description, old time scam. Armour For Sale, Clearly modern labels have many new avenues to sell records and help artists develop artistically and professionally. By starting with a project-based focus, rather than multi-record deals, the modern label removes a lot of incentive for artistic meddling. The New Deal encourages everyone involved to work every angle by directly linking compensation to success. The only metric for success is unit sales. Every pressed disc and every download represents real money. The modern label's primary mission is to centralize inventory and collection, and clearly communicate an honest accounting to all parties, Armour For Sale. The label must be the honest broker of information, Armour samples, and seller of discs. Upon demand, every party to the deal has a right to know where the product is, what has been sold, and what remains.

We suggest a new, Effects of Armour, unique feature for this Point of Purchase accounting model: An implicit buy out is available to every party in the deal, in the form of actual product. For instance, a major label might wish to sign an artist, and acquire license to a catalog item under The New Deal. In the bad old days, this simple, sometimes reasonable request often initiated legal battles, and crippled artist, label and catalog alike. The New Deal would allow artists to purchase unsold inventory at a pre-agreed cost-based price. The longer that inventory sits unsold, the higher the ultimate buyout price, which grows at a fixed rate, acting as interest to modulate risk and provide reward to everyone concerned.

Dave Davis.

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WetButtonConsole.jpg Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, Over the past few years at panel meetings, bars, in sessions and in email, I've been asked whether I teach or give lessons in audio production and new media techniques locally. Lipitor images, In fact I've do things like this all the time, at least seminar-like events at Midpoint Music Festival and other AES events, Lipitor used for. Generic Lipitor, I've developed courses and taught audio production (University of Cincinnati/CCM Electronic Media program) and audio design (my alma mater UC/DAAP's Digital Design program) part time since 1998. But unfortunately, Lipitor dose, Lipitor duration, both classes are perennially over-booked, and virtually unavailable to non-majors, Lipitor from canadian pharmacy. Lipitor treatment, My former Ultrasuede partner, John Curley and I have been talking about doing it on our own for years – we've worked with many interns, Lipitor over the counter, Lipitor brand name, and realized there's often a gap between expectations and experience on both ends of those relationships. We felt a workshop might resolve this, and provide a baseline of experience in real-world production techniques, Buy Lipitor Without Prescription. A recent thread on CincyMusic, comprar en línea Lipitor, comprar Lipitor baratos, Canada, mexico, india, occurred at the same time I received a phone call and an email asking the familiar question that started this paragraph. John called me around then, where can i find Lipitor online, Low dose Lipitor, and we talked. The time had clearly come to act, Lipitor long term. What is Lipitor, To kick things off, I put up a survey on another part of this site, order Lipitor online overnight delivery no prescription, Lipitor interactions, to clarify my questions for the various interested parties. Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, We quickly got enough responses to draw some conclusions and make some proposals on going forward with workshops. A recap for your collective perusal (with my conclusions below):

- All respondents said they’re willing to do homework, buy Lipitor without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and use online-based forums for review and communication. (we will use these heavily to generate ideas, Lipitor results, Online buy Lipitor without a prescription, feedback and experience. Thus some sort of recording/mixing rig will be needed at home to participate.)

- Most of you have taken no formal training, discount Lipitor, Get Lipitor, or hands on audio workshops.

- Most people want a broad curriculum in recording, doses Lipitor work, Lipitor street price, with a bit more focus on tracking and mixing. (these are areas where outside/extra teachers can really contribute and provide broader perspective)

- Most of you consider yourselves intermediate level, based mostly on experience I presume, Buy Lipitor Without Prescription. (we will be able to skip some interconnect basics, where can i cheapest Lipitor online, Lipitor from mexico, but must kill some common myths, and build a common vocabulary early on in the course), Lipitor without a prescription. Ordering Lipitor online, - There was an even split between weekday evenings and weekend days, but almost no one wants to work in the week-daytime, where can i buy cheapest Lipitor online. Lipitor natural, (we’ll meet at either of those times, depending on individual schedules), Lipitor price, coupon. Lipitor forum, - Small preference for half day over shorter sessions (as a teacher and engineer, I find longer sessions are often counter-productive, fast shipping Lipitor, Purchase Lipitor for sale, in spite of the small preference here). Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, - Most folks strongly prefer small groups to large (4-8), and demonstrations over critique.

- The LEAST preferred format: 6 2-3 hour workshops with >12 people for $100. The MOST preferred format: 10 2-3 hour workshops with <10 people for $200 or 8 workshops with <10 for $150. Content mattered more to most people than teachers or price. (it looks like either format would work, so we’ll need to discuss this more. The day-long and 6 meeting approach are out.), Buy Lipitor Without Prescription.

That last one was interesting, and the reason I mentioned more price points than the initial $100 from earlier in the thread. Had I stuck to that number, the workshop clearly wouldn’t have met the preferences of our potential group on a couple levels. Most important being content: jamming it all into the cheapest package means leaving things out, especially feedback opportunity.

So where does this leave things. Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, Well, hopefully ready to float a proposal. Now that I know what I’m asking for, I’ll nail down some venues and teachers and get all of that together. In the meantime, please feel free to comment on and discuss my conclusions above, especially if you DIDN’T take the survey or feel very strongly about the way I’m leaning.

To summarize my leanings:

A group of no more than 10 folks would meet once a week for at least 8 2-3 hour sessions, primarily meeting on weekday evenings in professional recording studios. The meetings will be primarily demonstration and hands-on work, featuring myself and some invited guest lecturers (so far John Curley and Brian Niesz have graciously offered their services to this effort - I'm still working details out on whose doing what) In between participants would work on specific assignments, and post work to an online discussion area for comment. The topics will broadly cover the recording process, with special emphasis on mics/mic'ing and mix techniques/editing, Buy Lipitor Without Prescription. While most folks say they're intermediate, we'll start with foundations, in particular developing a common language to talk about what we hear, and later, what we do.

Beyond that, this will evolve over in the workshop area, and drop off the blog. But still, we thought this was important enough to announce here in the main content part of the site. Exciting stuff.

Dave Davis • Media Designer
Sound Images Inc •

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Atarax For Sale

ThinHardDisk.jpg Atarax For Sale, Just because there are no modern media labels, doesn't mean we don't know what one looks like. In this column, we'll look at the big picture, Atarax use. Today a successful label requires expertise in selling music, Purchase Atarax online no prescription, and some objective means of connecting artists to fans. To this end, the label must be expert in every aspect of retail sales, Atarax price, coupon, including unconventional channels. Atarax interactions, Just as important, labels must have some expertise in recognizing demand across many markets, including niches, no prescription Atarax online. Demand is distinct from talent, just as retail awareness is different from distribution, Atarax For Sale. Lets explore how a major media label might leverage their expertise in a world without hits. Atarax use, Forget "recording contracts" and "A&R" (artists and repertoire) reps. Today artists no longer need a contract to pay for recording, and fans no longer need middle men to predigest scads of music, purchase Atarax. Long-tail models are driven by quantities and time or presence. Atarax For Sale, The labels job is to simply exist until the fan discovers songs in their catalog, at which point their role is to deliver the music as seamlessly as possible. Atarax canada, mexico, india, In all sales, efforts are aimed at "closing" the deal as rapidly as possible. Any delay in closing and/or delivery can cost sales, Atarax price, or give the buyer time to reconsider or even forget about the purchase entirely. Atarax coupon, This problem is especially severe in music: As an impulse entertainment purchase, we don't really need it at all. How many songs or albums do we decide we "have to have", ordering Atarax online, but forget about once we hear the next song, Atarax overnight, or pick up another shiny disc. Closing sales has never been easier than the iTunes Music Store, and the variety of products, as well as margins, make it attractive, Atarax For Sale. Specialty retailers provide a similar environment, promoting impulse buys with signage, where can i order Atarax without prescription, pricing, Real brand Atarax online, and placement. Finding and filling these niches are the job of the modern label.

When we visit places like the iTunes Music Store or CD Baby, canada, mexico, india, not to mention successful bricks-and-mortar retailers like Shake It records, Atarax from canada, one is immediately struck by the range of music-related products being sold. Shirts, knick-knacks, cheap Atarax no rx, magazines, Order Atarax no prescription, greeting cards, and all manner of swag surround the hottest selling CDs. Atarax For Sale, No surprise there: merchandise has been a big part of the bottom line for decades. Traditionally these products have been sold directly by artists, fast shipping Atarax, outside the record label's chain. Where can i find Atarax online, Artists and their management kept all profits, but sales were limited to venue and web site sales, with some ad hoc retail distribution on the side, comprar en línea Atarax, comprar Atarax baratos. While it's unlikely artists would give up a large chunk of those profits, Buy cheap Atarax no rx, a savvy label would see opportunity in it's retail sales chains. Expanding the catalog to include that merchandise, albeit with considerably lower mark-up, rx free Atarax, could be a valuable service that attracts new artists to the catalog, Atarax dangers, while simplifying purchasing for retailers.

Low margins are not a problem in many industries, Atarax For Sale. The consumer credit card business is built on making a few pennies on every sale, surrendering the real money (and risk!) to individual banks, Atarax dose. In a global economy, Atarax steet value, these pennies can add up to be quite significant. So the real key, aside from keeping sales volumes high, where can i buy cheapest Atarax online, having a broad enough catalog to attract fans. Kjøpe Atarax på nett, köpa Atarax online, Quantity matters at least as much as quality. Atarax For Sale, Further, since music is a fashion-like business, where quality's a temporal concern, it's almost impossible to prospectively pick hits. We can't really know what's going to be hot next year, next month, Atarax dosage, or even next week. Atarax pics, By adopting a long-tail perspective, our imaginary Media Label doesn't have to. Simply avoiding the real stinkers, Atarax class, and attracting the most forward-thinking artists with an attractive model is sufficient over time. Doses Atarax work, Time is a critical variable. The value of media is not unlike stock prices: it goes up and down as a function of popularity and success over time, Atarax For Sale. Todays shit-hot record is tomorrows shite. And vice versa, Atarax reviews. By constantly signing more artists, Atarax online cod, and carefully limiting inventories, the catalog can grow faster than costs. On-demand or at least fast-turn manufacturing is the norm today, purchase Atarax online no prescription, so labels have no need to physically stock every title. Atarax For Sale, In time, there will be no reason to stock ANY title. All our label needs is the long-term license to profit whenever it's titles sell in any format.

The final element of a modern media label is the most complex. Marketing the catalog and artists is what contemporary record labels think they're really good at doing. In the next installment, we'll look at that assumption alongside new demands and methods.

Dave Davis.

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1210v6.jpg Buy Inderal Without Prescription, Every new media is resisted by the established old media. When old business models begin to fail, Inderal trusted pharmacy reviews, Inderal photos, the law or precedent is used to manipulate and control new ones. While underlying concepts of intellectual property, Inderal brand name, Inderal blogs, and the basic constitutional framework our laws are based upon are as relevant as ever, money and the unenlightened self-interests of oligarchies distort (recontextualize) the law, purchase Inderal for sale. Inderal schedule, The result: A broken system, founded on archaic models, Inderal treatment, Buy Inderal from canada, that truly benefits no one.

Lets start from the beginning, online buy Inderal without a prescription. Record labels sprang from the sheet music and publishing world, Buy Inderal Without Prescription. Inderal australia, uk, us, usa, Live concerts and pop music are equally rooted in the traveling carnival game. Billboard magazine was originally a carny-trade rag, Inderal pharmacy, Order Inderal online overnight delivery no prescription, that evolved from the larger touring industry to refocus on music. The music business was built on intellectual property, generic Inderal, Buy generic Inderal, first in the printed form, and later as recordings, herbal Inderal. Where can i cheapest Inderal online, Publishers, later augmented (but not replaced by) recording companies dominated the trade, buy no prescription Inderal online. Buy Inderal Without Prescription, When it was a print-based industry, the business model looked like what we might call the long tail: Publishers controlled broad catalogs, selling low volumes to many markets. Inderal wiki, But with industrialization, and the appearance of a manufactured music product that required no specialized skill to enjoy, buying Inderal online over the counter, Buy Inderal online cod, that model evolved to a hit-driven game, best fueled by stars, Inderal pictures. Inderal maximum dosage, Technologically driven companies like RCA were highly vertically integrated: they made everything from the tubes that went into radios and transmitters, but the stations and programming thereon, taking Inderal. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Re-selling their assets as recorded music leveraged that investment tremendously. Over time both recording and delivery media have become more capable, Inderal natural, Inderal alternatives, and less limited. Virtually any idea or content fits on a DVD, if not a CD, Buy Inderal Without Prescription. Tools of creation, Inderal images, Effects of Inderal, and appliances for consumption are ubiquitous. The gap between artist and audience has been under assault for a century, about Inderal. Inderal duration, From a technical standpoint, there is very little reason for any gap at all, Inderal used for. Inderal for sale, What remains is a product of business model, fear, order Inderal from United States pharmacy, Get Inderal, and habit. Buy Inderal Without Prescription, All of this is not to say that there is no longer a need for a record label. Quite the opposite: Every artist needs a label more than ever, buy Inderal without prescription, to provide support of the most conventional kind. Artists no longer need a label to fund recordings, or shape their repertoire, but they need more help than ever breaking through the noise, organizing marketing and distribution. Theres real money to be made with models that focus on aquiring long-tail catalogs and delivering highly customized products in every format, manufactured on demand, and delivered directly to any consumer through his or her preferred channel. In such models, value is added at each boundary. Transcoding, delivery, marketing, and most of all point-of-purchase distribution are all opportunity points, Buy Inderal Without Prescription. Such catalogs are defined more by size/volume than control. Flexibility, not exclusivity, is the higher value. The problem is, that label doesn't exist.

No problem. Buy Inderal Without Prescription, We will spend the next few weeks thinking about what labels do, and how they might do it better. We'll propose models that make sense in a world where bits are worth more than atoms, and we no longer need the Big Main Control Man to tell us what we like or want. But remember: this is a conversation, not a monologue. Your comments and ideas matter as much as mine. So please... join in.

Dave Davis.

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Buy Lasix Without Prescription, What a way to start a blog, eh. Our concern here is looking forward however, Lasix over the counter, Is Lasix addictive, and here in 2007, the blog is more about today than tomorrow, low dose Lasix. Australia, uk, us, usa, Since the turn of the 21st Century, the text journal, discount Lasix, Lasix no rx, or blog, has been a popular format for discussion and even dissemination of news, Lasix long term. Is Lasix safe, Aside from the novelty and joy of knowing 40 other people recognize your handle, the phenomenon differs little in substance from the long-established vanity press, buy Lasix no prescription. Where to buy Lasix, It's difference in tone, a degree of significance impossible for a self-published author, online buying Lasix hcl, Lasix description, is found in it's availability: Successful googling is a measure of value.

Over the short term it's given rise to a new genre of celebrity, actively defining their own fifteen minutes of fame, Buy Lasix Without Prescription. Longer term, buy Lasix online no prescription, Lasix without a prescription, as google is filled with hundreds, then thousands, order Lasix online c.o.d, Lasix samples, then millions of other bloggers and their commentators, this effect will weaken, cheap Lasix. Lasix from mexico, A different kind of hook is needed to remain relevant to Minute 16 and beyond. In an information economy, where can i buy Lasix online, Purchase Lasix online, any sort of notoriety has value, so this is no small thing, what is Lasix. Lasix forum, Study the differences between the best blogs and the best webzines. Buy Lasix Without Prescription, Plastic and Salon speak to similar audiences with a strong voice. How are they similar, Lasix without prescription. Lasix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, How do they differ. The critical distinction between blogs and webzines is that blogs are a medium of the moment, Lasix cost. Lasix from canadian pharmacy, Action/reaction. Any periodical is reflective to the extent of the deadline, Buy Lasix Without Prescription. A daily deadline, online buying Lasix, Order Lasix from mexican pharmacy, with no boss or editorial control certainly generates content, but quality suffers for all but the most talented writers, buy cheap Lasix. Lasix street price, Practice tends not to make perfect, but lazy, buy Lasix from mexico. Lasix recreational, Blogs can evolve by becoming less time and popularity driven, and more info-driven with a tight focus on user interest, Lasix no prescription. Lasix mg, It must be understood that users can contribute in many ways, including by lurking in intelligent web spaces, Lasix results. Buy Lasix Without Prescription, Artists, writers and creators must devise frameworks that encourage all kinds of participation, including subversively responding to attackers (snoopers, trolls, people with too much time). Dataesthetically powerful design seeks and acquires information about fans and attackers alike, and uses it openly to discourage attacks, and better expose the information driving the site. The information itself is the product, and all response is crucial to shaping it.

That's what we're doing here. We're redefining the blog a bit, making each post closer to an article (researched and considered) when it begins it's life, that evolves, wiki-like, in response to comments and refinements in thought. Until it self-composts into irrelevance. Welcome to music•media•design blog. Or whatever it is we are.

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