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rockshow.jpg Buy Atarax Without Prescription, Many bands release CDs, win contests and awards, occupy stages, and generally impress friends, fans and wow the local music scene. At the end of the day, too many have too little to show for all this recognition. Indeed, some wind up reviled for their success: bands getting noticed often find themselves at the center of conspiracy theories spun by other bands about music journalists and collusion between Bob's House of CDs, order Atarax from mexican pharmacy, the Mafia, Big Radio and the Illuminati-run Major Labels.

Wake up. Atarax reviews, Any modicum of success you achieve locally will naturally be followed with recognition in the local press, and yes, familiarity and personal relationships with members of the music press. This is not a bad thing, or a nefarious inside plot to cut every other band out of every opportunity that comes along, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Its just human nature. More important, after Atarax, its something that can work for your band as easily as anyone else lucky and talented enough to be noticed and recognized.

If your goal is to be a local music icon, that goal is eminently achievable through those human relationships, Buy generic Atarax, and over time its almost inevitable... if youhave talent keep plugging away. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, If you want more than that, the road is a bit longer, a lot harder, and the obstacles much higher. Unlike local music sainthood, this one is never assured, and always a tenuous roller coaster ride, buy Atarax online no prescription. This article may or may not help you reach those higher goals, but it might give you a leg up on the former, and help you manage whatever success does come your way. Buy Atarax no prescription, It's primarily targeted at bands who are releasing CDs.

Let me start with a model of acknowledged, proven, undeniable success. Motown Records started off as a local Detroit label, created by a jazz fanatic who owned a record store, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. He saw a lot of great jazz artists floundering hopelessly in the marketplace, kjøpe Atarax på nett, köpa Atarax online, the jazz scene thriving even as musicians starved. The genius of Barry Gordy was not that he was able to locate, attract and develop pop acts to the exclusion of the jazz artists he loved. Buy cheap Atarax, Rather it was his insight into the fundamental nature of the business itself, and his approach to marketing and merchandising records in a way major labels could barely fathom, much less emulate. Interestingly, his techniques could be more successful in today's wired world than they were in the 1960's, no prescription Atarax online, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, The Motown formula was simple: A band was developed fully before any products were released. Once the band was ready, a record was cut. Atarax alternatives, It wasn't released nationwide because Gordy realized that having your disc on the shelf of a store in Peoria for a year before you ever played there or heard it on the radio virtually guaranteed it would be returned to the distributor before the band came through town. Instead, Motown staggered releases to coincide with tour stops which coincided with national media exposure (American Bandstand et al). When a band was in a town they'd do interviews in local media, and the records would magically appear in stores, my Atarax experience. Eventually as a band worked its way across the country, they'd hit gold sales levels, and have virtually NO returned product, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. By contrast, a major label band might sell gold, but get half of that returned unsold, Atarax class, or played and returned as bad product. The major label band would be charged for returns, and the label would claim to lose money. Gordy's bands paid Motown more money for all kinds of services, and made less money per unit than Capitol or Columbia acts, herbal Atarax. But, at the end of the day what the artists forget to mention (or are simply unaware of) is that they netted more than major label bands because the money was well spent, and there were no returns. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, Gordy was a stickler for two things: Quality and efficiency. Atarax pharmacy, He dumped poor product before consumers ever saw it, much less returned it (an efficiency in itself), and never wasted a moment of energy or a dollar of capital if it could be avoided... when it was unavoidable, people were accountable, is Atarax addictive, and the entire organization learned from the mistakes.

Bands, left to their own devices are classic models of inefficiency. Atarax overnight, Worse, bands don't just miss their own mistakes, but they seem determined to repeat the mistakes of others. The key to resolving both of these problems lie in record keeping, planning and analysis, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. A business journal can be as simple as a checkbook, but if you can put your bands records into something like Quicken, buy Atarax without a prescription, thats even better: it not only lets you categorize your expenses, but it also gives you a window on your successes and failures. Virtually every expense of a working band is tax deductable, Atarax trusted pharmacy reviews, and the government gives you a few years to make a profit so you can write a lot off in the meantime (of course you'll never show a profit, but they don't have to know you know).

This helps in a less obvious way. Many bands look in the back of Mix magazine, find a place that will press 1000 CDs for $1000, Atarax maximum dosage, send off their parts, and brag to their friends about how cheap the CDs were. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, Spending money piecemeal makes it easy to forget all the little costs that add up over the course of a project. Even bands who get the "Full Ride" at Discmakers or Oasis don't really know how much their release costs. Online buying Atarax hcl, Bands happily piss away a couple hundred promos to relatives and friends with imaginary "connections", A&R people who toss them in the trash, and all kinds of other things. They turn around and sell CDs off the stage, full of punk ethos and DIY Cred for $5, real brand Atarax online, smugly believing they're making $3.20 a pop. Unfortunately, that's not the case, Atarax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, or even close. In fact, they're probably LOSING $2-4 per disc, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. A program like Quicken and a group checking account could make this clear. For the doubters, spitting coffee on your screens as you read this, I direct you to the next post where I break this down, order Atarax from United States pharmacy. For everyone else, I'll continue with my thoughts.

Analysis is handy because it gives you a better view of things. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, You can identify problems before they become crises. Rx free Atarax, In the above example there's a simple solution: charge more for your CDs. To actually GET more money from fans for your product is another story. And, even if you do manage to sell them for more, on margins this slim you have to make sure you sell a good percentage of the numbers you plan on, cheap Atarax no rx. This adds up to the simple reality that Barry Gordy understood intuitively: Efficiency and quality must be givens, not "nice to haves".

Like everything there are always cases of diminishing returns, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. I'm not suggesting you need to spend as much time as Michael Jackson in the studio, Atarax blogs, nor do you need a 20 page full color booklet. You do however need to have good sounding music that impresses reviewers, fans and djs who might actually play your music. A sharp looking, nicely printed package when viewed OUTSIDE the shrinkwrap helps a lot, buy Atarax from canada. Spelling errors on the tray card are a bright red idiot light (one local release was pressed with known spelling errors because they couldn't afford to have thier $200 film reburned, and the cheapo plant charged for revisions. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, Doh!). Upside down spine labels scream "Amateur Product Here". Where can i order Atarax without prescription, Cloudy discs, or worse unplayable product isn't unheard of, and reflect badly on the band and cost future sales.

Efficiency means you can't afford to do things more than once. You do a job, online Atarax without a prescription, focus on it, and do it right. Figuring out a cool, slick lead in the studio, or for that matter, at home alone isn't a great idea for a low budget project, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Work it out IN PRACTICE, Atarax samples, where the rest of the band can hear it, give you input or if need be, nix it.

Mixing is a process where you can spend 4 hours getting the drums right on one song. The second song might only take 2 hours total since that's together, Atarax no prescription. If you have to remix just one song, you're often starting from scratch, so you should pay attention during the mix, Atarax online cod, not talk, not call your girl/boy friend. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, If you are glazing, leave the control room and hang out in the studio or lounge and come back when things are closer. Try to mix similar songs on a single session. If you mix over 3-4 days, you can create 3 different drum sounds and mix them up in the CD sequence, Atarax canada, mexico, india. Change vocal effects, guitar sounds, whatever else you want to add texture. Buy cheap Atarax no rx, The drum sounds take longest to set up, so you can make the process more efficient by using a few of those and a lot of other elements. Pick the low hanging fruit, Buy Atarax Without Prescription.

You are the worst judge of your music. The song you think is the sure fire single is probably the turd. Likewise the song fans love is the one you hate playing the most, Atarax cost. When selecting songs to demo or use as MP3s or singles, ask someone NOT in the band. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, The least connected the better: you're looking for the songs that resonate with strangers, not with your girl/boy friend.

Releasing a CD is not something you do for an evening. This isn't a 13 year old masturbation fantasy where you furiously jerk yourself then fall asleep. In fact, most bands sell a single title for a year or two. Another key fact: Bands tend to sell most of their product close to release date. Hopefully the lights coming on and the Motown Connection is firing in your brain: the closer you can get to making EVERY gig a CD release party, the better, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Obviously this isn't possible, especially in a local setting. But it IS possible on a regional basis. It's all about managing the release sequence, not to mention your own time and energy. Again, efficiency is key. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, I'll get deeper into that broader concept in part 3.

CDs sold at shows tend to be directly transduced into beer. This urge must be fought. Yes, you will surely spend the $30-40 of sales at a typical gig in collective drink. But the fact is if you sold NO CDs you would still drink $30-40 worth of alcohol. Why discourage yourself in a long term process, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. You are already planning your next release, cataloging all the things you'll do differently. Make it easier to reach those goals, and make sure the money at least makes a stop in the bands previously mentioned Quicken ledger and bank account. Bands can easily make $2000 profit on a release, which in theory means you can spend the same amount on the next one, PLUS a little more, and buy some other gear along the way, or promote the next one better. Unfortunately if you piss away the profits a few dollars at a time you reach the last box and discover you're still as broke as you were when you paid for the order. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, These are the big, obvious things. If you TRULY address these issues you're ahead of most bands. Many bands think they know all this and are as pure as driven snow with respect to these sins, but don't bother to plan or keep the necessary records to provide real insight and opportunity. The next section is simply a "proof of concept" to demonstrate how things really add up, and why you should count. If you accept that premise, skip the math and go directly to section 3. Section 3, Conservation of Energy for Maximum Results, contains specific tactics for addressing these problems.

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