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Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription, Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland.  Cheap Trick's Manager Dave Frey's scattered post on TuneCorner slathers random fear and panic over many of the tools driving the new music market.  Some of it is an instinctive response to new fortunes built atop pure information – the nagging, Where to buy Amoxicillin, subtle certainty that aggregation is deeply wrong... it's like a built-in  social Miranda Warning: everything you say, do or write can and will be sold against you in the courts of commerce.

Whether genetic or cultural, this fear is understandable in a species evolved to cope with scarcity, where can i order Amoxicillin without prescription.  Even cultural evolution can't adapt to a change in Initial Conditions: in the sphere of information scarcity has been obliterated.  In the sphere of physics, where matter is inherently limited, information is increasingly supplanting atoms and alleviating scarcity there too, Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription.  Yet all of our fortunes are built upon scarcity. Order Amoxicillin from United States pharmacy,  The essence of "wealth" is control of relatively more of some precious substance (gold, money, oil, code), Amoxicillin for sale.  For the last 100,000 years (at least!) control of scarce resources has defined winners and losers, Discount Amoxicillin, kings and serfs, masters and slaves, bosses and workers.  Over the past 10 years that assumption has been dismantled, Amoxicillin alternatives. Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription,  It's not surprising that the manager of a Stadium Rock band, built to spew millions of identical units at premium prices might find these changes alarming.

Sadly, the critique is incoherent.  At best, it's like the howling of a wounded, Rx free Amoxicillin, dying animal after a long, painful hunt.  The animal's already dead, thus all the more dangerous, Amoxicillin dose, as it lashes out, thrashing to do some damage before consciousness wanes. Amoxicillin without a prescription,  Mr. Frey bellows that somehow Ticketmaster's sales data belongs to his band, as does Amazon's.  Even All Music Guide, which publishes it's own original editorial content (reviews, discographies, etc) about most major releases is somehow property of Cheap Trick, simply because they covered the band, Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription.  At the same time, Amoxicillin duration, Walmart, BestBuy and Virgin's sales data, Amoxicillin maximum dosage, used for decades to bludgeon competitors, beat up suppliers, and control vast market swaths crossing all demographic and social boundaries, is just fine.

I have many of friends who think this way, Amoxicillin price, coupon.  I'm pushing 50, and my fellow boomers, Kjøpe Amoxicillin på nett, köpa Amoxicillin online, and even many GenXers remain deeply invested in scarcity, and terrified of openness and plenty.  We can't imagine making a living without scarcity, but the problem goes deeper, buy Amoxicillin without prescription.  My grandparents and their generation measured their children's success not in dollars earned, but by the number of underlings they controlled. Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription,  We, their kids and grandkids, measure our relative success in similar terms of control. Amoxicillin from canadian pharmacy,  The more we control, the better we're doing.

Dave Frey assumes his pocket is being picked, but in the blog post never explains how.  Listing revenue streams of info-vendors isn't an explanation because nothing he cites is news, Amoxicillin no rx.  Well, actually that's not true: when his clients were lumbering from stadium to stadium in the 80s, Buy Amoxicillin without a prescription, Ticketmaster's data was entirely unavailable to the band, label and management.  In those days they negotiated blind; only promoters, retailers and Ticketmaster knew the actual score, buy Amoxicillin no prescription, and used this proprietary data to screw bands like Cheap Trick, who had no real clue about the numbers underlying demand for the band, Effects of Amoxicillin, which drove bids for performance and the rates.  Think about returns: you never knew exactly how many units you sold, Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription.  Tower Records and Peaches never shared the demographic data they collected with labels, fueling accounting practices that made recouping ever more difficult, and manufacturing decisions a crapshoot, purchase Amoxicillin for sale.  Mr. Frey is angry that Soundscan counts his band's sales – is he deliberately ignoring Billboard, Amoxicillin pictures, the RIAA certifications and other historic milestones used by artists, labels and managers to promote a bands success, or is he conveniently slamming a new, more accurate approach to accounting that places his client's work in a lower tier than they occupied in the past, Amoxicillin use, diminishing his work developing their career?

Who knows what Mr. Frey's actual problem with modernity is. Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription,  Since there's no clear critique in his post, we can only guess. Amoxicillin cost,  It sounds as if he's mostly concerned about control, but also wants a cut of someone else's labors, because that work surrounds his industry.  Yet he works in an industry that's built upon information, Amoxicillin treatment.  Recordings are nothing else.  Success in our world depends upon other content creators, Buying Amoxicillin online over the counter, like magazines, newspapers and radio, embracing your product, and yes, online buying Amoxicillin, using it to build their own salable products.  No one subscribes to Rolling Stone for the politics, the artists featured pay for that reportage, Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription.  Does Rolling Stone send Cheap Trick a check every time they get a story or cover. Where can i buy cheapest Amoxicillin online, No.  Then why should Amazon.  Does Spin complain that they have to publish their circulation data, by law, buy Amoxicillin online no prescription, for the world to see and even use against them. Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription,  Do TV stations hate Nielsen for measuring their audience, and charging them for the underlying data?

Grow up, Mr. Frey, Amoxicillin used for, and face forward.  This is the world we live in, and by any measure it's better than the one that spawned Cheap Tricks fame and fortunes, but ironically, Amoxicillin over the counter, the kind of success they achieved is simply obsolete.  Record hippies no longer pick the music the rest of us must enjoy. Ordering Amoxicillin online,  Game over.  Instead of elevating a few ubergroups to unsustainable lifestyles, we have a flatter industry with more stars working at more modest scales, Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription.  Opportunity abounds, just not the kind of opportunity hair bands and popstars have come to expect.  That's a shame for those who grew fat and lazy, Amoxicillin street price, used to fawning approval, with endless lines of blow and hookers aplenty. Amoxicillin wiki,  Today the Clive Davis' of the world no longer select and annoint stars, fans do.  The systems Mr. Frey slams hold all artists to the same accounts: tangible, where can i buy Amoxicillin online, real spins and sales, visible to all, Amoxicillin dosage, with rich data available to anyone smart enough to use it.

If there's a truth in Dave Frey's rant it's this: If your management and team are incapable of using the data that's out there, and convert it to dollars and opportunity they're falling behind the times, and your career is in danger.  If your people can't play nice with the new industry infrastructure, and place your business in opposition to partners your competitors effectively use, it's time to look for better partners.  If you see the market you inhabit as scary and inherently wrong, and you can't use the infrastructure to your advantage, you're already doomed.  Time to move on.


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Nielsen Soundscan reports that  Amoxicillin For Sale, 2009 U.S. Amoxicillin online cod, Music Purchases up 2.1% over 2008 as Music Sales Exceed 1.5 Billion for Second Consecutive Year.  This news bears repeating, online Amoxicillin without a prescription, Order Amoxicillin from United States pharmacy, in light of the music industry's constant, deafening whine: Total music purchases have in fact increased each year since 2005, Amoxicillin street price. Amoxicillin no rx,  For the record, 1.01 billion music purchases were made in 2005, where to buy Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin trusted pharmacy reviews, 1.2 billion in 2006, 1.4 billion in 2007, Amoxicillin long term, Taking Amoxicillin, and 1.5 billion last year, as noted above, Amoxicillin from mexico. Amoxicillin interactions,  While it's possible poorly managed large companies, willing to overspend for talent, Amoxicillin mg, Where can i order Amoxicillin without prescription, overpay executives, and ignore market realities could lose money on growing sales, comprar en línea Amoxicillin, comprar Amoxicillin baratos, Purchase Amoxicillin for sale, it's impossible to feel truly sorry for them.

The report has plenty more good news, especially for small labels and savvy artists, Amoxicillin description.  First digital downloads continue to grow, providing a direct path to revenue open to all, Amoxicillin For Sale. Amoxicillin dose,  Better yet, albums represent an increasingly large portion of those sales, Amoxicillin maximum dosage, Canada, mexico, india, versus singles, growing 16% to reach a new peak of 20% of all downloads, no prescription Amoxicillin online. Buy generic Amoxicillin,  These trends only accelerated in the fourth quarter of a recession year, suggesting a positive future, buy Amoxicillin from mexico. Rx free Amoxicillin,  Indeed, hits are happening in the digital space, Amoxicillin class, Amoxicillin recreational, at levels previously reserved for physical CDs: Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Flo Rida all had singles that sold to quadruple-platinum levels (more than 4 million sales each)!

While the Zeros are considered a "lost decade" in many industries, effects of Amoxicillin, Purchase Amoxicillin online no prescription, it was a rebirth for the music business.  We've crossed a threshold, online buying Amoxicillin hcl, Amoxicillin price, coupon, selling nearly twice as many albums online as physical CDs.  Album sales are moving away from traditional retail, what is Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin online cod, to non-traditional venues.  It's remarkable to note given the numbers above that non-traditional music outlets represent most of that growth in albums versus singles, Amoxicillin from canadian pharmacy, Amoxicillin coupon, adding 11% over their 2008 sales, ultimately accounting for nearly 30% of total album sales in 2009.

The corner has been turned, after Amoxicillin. About Amoxicillin,  It's morning in the music industry!


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Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, vertigo_1990s: Torture Garden, Scream Boody Murder, Sex Device.

Wow, doses Zithromax work. Zithromax steet value,  I can't believe anyone would bring up my old band 12 years after our last show.  While we were friends with Scream Bloody Murder, Zithromax for sale, Zithromax schedule, Torture Garden keyboardist Dave Arps later played in Sex Device, in our 4 piece era, order Zithromax from mexican pharmacy, Australia, uk, us, usa, and co-produced a couple tracks (maybe one of the ones linked here? I'm downloading the files now!)

Sadly I have no rights to the catalog - the band was literally made for DVD (not hyperbole - we saw the medium as the natural outlet for our work, and Brand New World was conceived as a CD+V (pre DVD format), Zithromax natural. Zithromax images,  In many respects, that band's challenges are the root of my career, ordering Zithromax online. Cheap Zithromax no rx,  At every stage, I had to invent tools and techniques, Zithromax without prescription. Fast shipping Zithromax,  Media Design was at the core of the solutions. Zithromax overnight. Zithromax duration. Zithromax canada, mexico, india. Discount Zithromax. Low dose Zithromax. Where can i buy cheapest Zithromax online. Zithromax wiki. Where can i cheapest Zithromax online. Zithromax cost. Purchase Zithromax. Buy Zithromax without a prescription. Buy no prescription Zithromax online. Zithromax no prescription. Where can i find Zithromax online. My Zithromax experience. Zithromax pharmacy. Online buy Zithromax without a prescription. Kjøpe Zithromax på nett, köpa Zithromax online. Real brand Zithromax online. Buy Zithromax from canada. Herbal Zithromax. Order Zithromax online c.o.d. Zithromax reviews.

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Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Forrester to Music Industry: It’s the Consumer, Stupid | Epicenter |

[Note: the story linked above are part of an article paraphrasing a $500 Forrester research paper, generic Retin-A, Get Retin-A, not the actual source.]

Any reader of this site knows my take on the "conclusion" or whatever the headline's relationship is to the story... "Duh!" No news there, buying Retin-A online over the counter. No prescription Retin-A online, But the diagram above interests me on a couple levels.  First, where can i buy Retin-A online, Retin-A street price, it's important to note that it seems to be more of a diagram of standard features than a suggested interface.  Still, even as that, it suggests a level of interaction that may or may not be sustainable or possible for most artists (forget the initial technology investments), Buy Retin-A Without Prescription.  This points to a gets to an underlying problem we all face, cheap Retin-A, Retin-A pharmacy, even in our daily lives: we live in a subscription world, where we die a death by a thousand features, discount Retin-A, Effects of Retin-A, each sold as a necessity.  Whether it's a basic cell line, Retin-A online cod, Buy generic Retin-A, a Blackberry or an iPhone, we can be compelled by profession, Retin-A for sale, Order Retin-A online c.o.d, employer, or necessity to subscribe to something, online Retin-A without a prescription. Retin-A gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,  Actually lots of things.

In that context, Retin-A maximum dosage, Retin-A without a prescription, how many "bands" can any "consumer" really support. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription,  Because that's where this leads.  The "put-put with the stars" schemes to mono AND stereo boxed tax the ecosystem to the breaking point, herbal Retin-A. Retin-A class,  Can it really sustain a full-time always-on connection to an artist or some artist's fan.  Do we want to, Retin-A mg. Buy cheap Retin-A,  If so, how much is that really worth, Retin-A from canada.

Most people aren't super fans, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Retin-A online,  Most are doing good to know you exist... but everyone has some favorite stars, buy Retin-A no prescription. Retin-A dangers,  If those star's existence becomes so tenuous they suck up all available dollars down-market.

I like the ideas in this report, buy Retin-A without prescription, Retin-A no rx, and the basic menu of features as a starting point. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription,  It's certainly all supportable in iTunes LP, so it's likely to work in the major's competing (why?) platform as well.  But let's not get carried away, buy no prescription Retin-A online, Retin-A forum, and certainly, let's not consider this feature set as some sort of standard, australia, uk, us, usa. Online buying Retin-A hcl,   And by no means is it an ideal: it's really a mash-up of what exists, and kind of works, canada, mexico, india, Ordering Retin-A online, not what works best, nor is any consideration given to what works best together, fast shipping Retin-A.  That's a design task, not something pure research can provide.  Nonetheless, the direction is clear, and consistent with our view: Time to move forward, and use networked data to connect fans more tightly to music and artists... as a goal that's certainly worthwhile.

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Tindamax For Sale, Not News: CD Buyers Disappearing Daily. Might Be News: Music Buyers Disappearing, buy Tindamax without a prescription, Tindamax photos, Too | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD.

hoooboy, buy Tindamax from mexico. Generic Tindamax,  This is NOT good.

m|m|d regulars know I've never been concerned about declining CD sales, Tindamax trusted pharmacy reviews, Tindamax price, since  they perfectly mirror the normal end of every medium's lifespan.  The drop only seems dramatic because the product was so wildly successful, and the industry so tightly lashed itself to it that people in the business can no longer remember (or imagine) life without it, Tindamax For Sale.  This is different: for the first time we're seeing a decline in the audience for recorded music, Tindamax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Tindamax overnight, not just the sales of a particular format.

Unfortunately the article provides no help with interpreting their numbers, Tindamax results. Tindamax interactions,  For instance they claim we lost 13 million customers, but don't provide the size of the original pool, Tindamax no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa,  While it's entirely possible this report signals a big, negative change in music consumption/listening habits, purchase Tindamax online no prescription, Tindamax pics, it's also possible that the problem is entirely related to the bushpression, which was in full swing when this survey was conducted, order Tindamax no prescription. Tindamax For Sale, I can't help but think that the Presidential election hurt all time-based media in 2008. Tindamax from mexico,  Time is a finite resource.  There are only 24 hours in a day, buy no prescription Tindamax online, Taking Tindamax, and 365 days in a year.  When your attention is dominated by a current events, where can i buy cheapest Tindamax online, Tindamax forum, it can't help but impinge on leisure activities and spending.  The election of 2008 was all-consuming, Tindamax without prescription, Tindamax from canadian pharmacy, with more debates and must-watch events than any contest in modern memory.  The controversies and campaigns were engaging, order Tindamax online c.o.d. Buy Tindamax from canada,  People cared.

So we'll have to wait and see whether the NPD survey represents a real shift in music audience, online buy Tindamax without a prescription, Tindamax mg, or a temporary slump, caused by a spike in demand for time/attention and plummeting incomes, where can i cheapest Tindamax online. Where to buy Tindamax. Tindamax description. No prescription Tindamax online. Tindamax street price. Comprar en línea Tindamax, comprar Tindamax baratos. Rx free Tindamax. Buy cheap Tindamax. Buy Tindamax without prescription.

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Human Growth Hormone For Sale, Or rather, "someone".  LiveNation and Ticketmaster have hired Hillary Rosen to pimp their monopoly in Congress, online buying Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone class, In case you forgot, Rosen presided over the RIAA during the Napster fiasco, purchase Human Growth Hormone online no prescription, Human Growth Hormone samples, spewing one absurd position after another. She left her term as RIAA President Bush-style: after being hired to lead an industry at it's peak, buy generic Human Growth Hormone, Rx free Human Growth Hormone, she presided over a dramatic (even historic) decline, leaving the music business a smoking ruin, order Human Growth Hormone no prescription, Real brand Human Growth Hormone online, universally hated by it's customers. Heckuva job, Human Growth Hormone online cod, Human Growth Hormone recreational, Hill.

If past results indicated future performance, this would be great news, Human Growth Hormone For Sale. But hiring Hillary, Human Growth Hormone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Herbal Human Growth Hormone, a proven failure, is similar to re-electing George W, Human Growth Hormone over the counter. Buy cheap Human Growth Hormone no rx, Bush to fix the economy.  Unfortunately, Human Growth Hormone used for, Online Human Growth Hormone without a prescription, Rosen was only unsuccessful from the perspective of share prices and industry profits.  In her role as fearmonger-in-chief, doses Human Growth Hormone work, Human Growth Hormone canada, mexico, india, she succeeded fabulously though. Human Growth Hormone For Sale,  She managed to convince every major label executive that the sky was falling.  She painted the most successful new product in the history of music (iTunes and Amazon downloads) as malignant parasites, fast shipping Human Growth Hormone, Human Growth Hormone results, and slowed their adoption and eventual success.  An honest economic evaluation would reveal her efforts cost the industry far more than their reactionary claims of piracy losses (of course both arguments are imaginary - we cannot know how much of what was stolen would have been sold, Human Growth Hormone pictures, Buy Human Growth Hormone no prescription, any more than we can know how many purchases might have been made if a functioning market had been allowed to exist).

The bottom line is simple: A merger of LiveNation and Ticketmaster is not good for any independent artist, Human Growth Hormone duration. Purchase Human Growth Hormone online,  After completed, even the biggest stars will be vassals to Hillary's new masters, about Human Growth Hormone.  Rates for all players will be set according to LiveNation's needs, Human Growth Hormone For Sale. Human Growth Hormone from mexico,  Big shows will cease to be a market, and become more like major league sporting events, Human Growth Hormone wiki. Human Growth Hormone price,  Venues won't be able to sell tickets if they dare an end-run around LiveNation's booking.  Artists will lose control over ticket prices and venue relationships they've established, Human Growth Hormone pictures. Human Growth Hormone reviews,  There really are no upsides to this. Human Growth Hormone For Sale,  The appearance of Hillary Rosen smells bad.

Clear Channel is not about music, discount Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone photos,  They've cut music programming, and treat it as a broad, is Human Growth Hormone safe, Human Growth Hormone cost, generic market, like TV networks once treated programming before cable, Human Growth Hormone price, coupon.  It's a move in the wrong direction. Worse, Clear Channel has used their monopolies in local radio market to influence the politics and culture in those markets.  The culture they advance is right wing, loud-mouthed and obnoxious, voiced by clowns like Bill Cunningham (an embarrassment to rationality), Human Growth Hormone For Sale.  It views music as a nice-to-have, and considers taste a maleable profit center.  They've shrunk the size of radio station staffs, while shrinking their reach and audiences.  If they do to music what they've done to radio, things can get much worse.

Folks, this is a tough slog. Human Growth Hormone For Sale,  Historically it looks like we're going to lose.  It's been 100 years since an administration actually blocked a deal like this.  But this is so terrible, so clearly wrong, and there are so many examples of the problems with it, there's some hope.  Both companies are slimy, and the ideas they're pushing have repeatedly failed or made bad situations worse.  Still, if no one hears us scream in agony over this wound, we're all doomed.

So write your Congressman and Senator.  Write President Obama: many of his supporters are Clear Channel/Rosen cronies, so if he doesn't hear the other side, you can bet they'll get their way.

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Nasonex For Sale, While researching a story, I came upon a great retrospective by my bud and sometime-boss, Mike Breen. Nasonex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,  It's an old CityBeat Cover Story: Foggy Memory Breakdown.  As I read down the list of past winners and ceremonies, Nasonex images, Ordering Nasonex online, I realized my career (not just memories) is wrapped up in this community.  The names of artists who've entrusted me with their work, Nasonex treatment, Nasonex natural, and the progress all have made since make me proud to be a small part of it.

There are some great artists in this town, what is Nasonex.  And hard times, inequality and injustice historically drive great artists to make great music (think of the 1930s when country and pop emerged with radio, or the late 1960s when music drove civil rights and anti-war movements), Nasonex For Sale. Nasonex no prescription,  So while The Bush Gang was busy torturing, starting wars, where can i buy Nasonex online, Nasonex results, and signing laws to hurt the poor and widen the gap between the rich and the rest of us, Cincy artists were hitting back, Nasonex over the counter. Order Nasonex no prescription,  From the old guard Psychodots Terminal Boulevard to The Sundresses' Barkinghaus the voice of reality kicks down the door.

So starting today, buy Nasonex without prescription, Nasonex mg, I'm going to devote some time/space to chronicling the projects I've worked on that have grown up to matter.  My previous posts on Wussy's cover story and Daniel Martin Moore's vinyl release are just the first, herbal Nasonex. Buy Nasonex no prescription,  In future installments, I'll include more editorial, Nasonex street price. Doses Nasonex work,  But that's the plan... Cheap Nasonex. Is Nasonex addictive. Nasonex brand name. Buy Nasonex from mexico. Purchase Nasonex for sale. Nasonex without prescription. Nasonex steet value. My Nasonex experience. What is Nasonex. Purchase Nasonex for sale. Cheap Nasonex. Australia, uk, us, usa. Fast shipping Nasonex. Online buying Nasonex hcl. Nasonex alternatives. Buy cheap Nasonex. Buy Nasonex online no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

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Inderal For Sale, If you follow this blog or my writing you know I'm strongly opposed to subscription models, and business as usual in the record industry. Inderal samples,  Conventional Wisdom is tossed around so freely and often, we're all literally soaked in the sputum of those bad ideas, Inderal street price. Inderal brand name,  "Napster and now torrents have destroyed the industry." "You can't make money selling music."  "If we all got a small cut of everyone's ISP bill, we'd all be rich."  "Forget recordings, real brand Inderal online, Order Inderal online overnight delivery no prescription, live music is the only form that counts."  All of those ideas: Bullshit.

Yet sometimes we find a connections between new and old worlds, Inderal without prescription. Buy Inderal from canada,  If we pay attention, we can learn a lot from past failures and set ourselves up for future success, ordering Inderal online.  In two recent video lectures we can see a bridge being built to the future, Inderal For Sale. Herbal Inderal,  Starting in the past, Todd Rundgren: Time for the Music Industry to Evolve provides a solid pier from which our span can extend, kjøpe Inderal på nett, köpa Inderal online. Buy Inderal without prescription,  While I disagree almost entirely with his conclusion (he sees subscriptions as the most logical solution to the industry's problems), we share a common perspective on the history and nature of music, Inderal dangers. Get Inderal,  The 20th century's celebrity-based music-industrial complex, not more recent digital initiatives, Inderal canada, mexico, india, Order Inderal online c.o.d, were the aberration from historic norms. And indeed, buy cheap Inderal, Inderal pharmacy, music is more service-oriented and experiential than other products. Since both sides in the debate accept the premise and historic analysis, this presentation is a starting point for a solution, low dose Inderal, Canada, mexico, india, as well as a must-see.


The second piece is Michael Masnick's case study of Trent Reznors NIN digital model Inderal For Sale, , which has a written companion article on  In my CityBeat columns, cheap Inderal, Inderal results, I explored the same models, but Masnick does a better job breaking it down to it's simplest elements, Inderal online cod. Buy Inderal online cod,  Some of the terms and ideas are new in the world of product marketing.  So new in fact that they scare Rundgren's friends inside major labels to death, Inderal without a prescription, Inderal steet value, because they simply don't understand.  

To begin, my Inderal experience, Buy Inderal no prescription, the baby boomers at the tops of major corporations around the world reject the notion that a "non-zero sum" model is possible.  Born in a world of atoms and molecules, they cannot accept the existence of intangible value, and the nature of "free" wealth represented by bits, Inderal For Sale.  The new economy is as absurd to Rundgren's generation as cold fusion is to nuclear physicists, where can i order Inderal without prescription. Inderal wiki,  Despite their crisis of faith, the new economy and cold fusion are squarely in the realm of the possible in our era, purchase Inderal. Inderal schedule, Masnick presents a simple but powerful formula: 

Connect With Fans (CwF) + Reason To Buy (RtB) = The Business Model ($$$$)

This formula makes little sense to the existing music industry, which has never before needed to give fans a reason to buy, Inderal australia, uk, us, usa, Inderal from mexico, and always relied on artists to make the connection with fans.  They have no expertise whatsoever in either arena, what is Inderal. Inderal For Sale,  So it's not surprising they find little success in their digital ventures, and have become prey for bigger Consumer Electronics giants, who are playing the whole music industry for suckers. Inderal trusted pharmacy reviews, Finally let me point out that Reznor's model is far from the only, but simply the first model to emerge from the wreckage of the 20th Century music business.  It's the simplicity of Masnick's analysis of Reznor's approach that makes it as powerful as E=MC² when it comes to moving forward.  In short it's a schematic for other models; it provides terms and suggests new quantifiers and values.  It can be adapted easily to other models, which baby boomers like myself will find equally troubling.

Take a look.., Inderal For Sale. it's definitely worthwhile.



PS:  I've stumbled across a couple practical examples of putting all this into action that I'm adding in this postscript...

Building Personal Brand in Social Media is a story, with another lecture video attached (readings faster here!).  Asthmatic Kitty Shares Whats Working for them, providing another data point to back up the points made above.


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Nexium For Sale

Stories for Shorty: A Collection of Recollections from the Jockey Club 1982-1988 Nexium For Sale, is a terrific memoir of a part of Cincinnati musical history that might otherwise be lost forever.  I contributed to the part of the story I knew best, my view from the mixing board over the early years of the club (it was in fact my first regular mixing gig, part of the original rotation from 1982-85, then periodically afterwards).  The editors graciously held the doors open, accepting any and all submissions, with many regulars posting multiple items in the volume.  By leaving out my recollections as a fan and player. I failed them.  Worse, I failed many of my friends who were ignored entirely or mentioned only in passing by others.  As I read the book, I realize I missed the point of those years.  Whatever the Jockey Club was or was not, sprang from a community.  I'm kind of a loner, and often miss that.  So I'm going to take a moment to record the part of that history that's gone unmentioned because I was too lazy to do it properly in the first place, buy Nexium without a prescription.

When I got out of high school, bands I liked didn't come to Cincinnati.  The Pit opened downtown in 1981, and that helped some, and Bogarts would occassionally book people like Iggy and even U2 (my friend Dave Glasser begged me to go, Kjøpe Nexium på nett, köpa Nexium online, waving free tickets that WEBN had given out in the Rhine Room of UC).  But the truth is, local bands playing original music had no decent stages.

I got a lot of practice working real PA systems when a friend, Paul Jacobson, took out a loan so his metal cover band could join that then-thriving circuit.  He knew I was a gearhead, so he asked me to spec and eventually run his system.  I couldn't resist!  This was the start of a reputation as a mixer that I actively resisted throughout my performing career.  Before the Jockey Club I played in bad cover bands with high school friends (I graduated in 1978), canada, mexico, india, but was generally better known for my ability to cobble together functional PA systems from piles of castoff stereo and musical electronics gear that magically appeared before punk shows.  Venues were places like The Brew House in Walnut Hills, and another club located where Boswell's Alley sits today, not to mention various studios in DAAP and parties around UC.  I stumbled onto this scene via the aforementioned Dave Glasser, Nexium trusted pharmacy reviews, who around this time was playing in a kick ass band called The Fucking Cunts, active between 1981-84.

Let me set the record straight on some flawed recollections, I may have seen from Victor Garcia-Rivera, on Neus Subjex' database, and more recently, in Stories for Shorty.  The Cvnts played a mix consisting mostly of originals, with a few covers of songs by Gang of Four, The NY Dolls, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Sham 69.  I attribute Victor’s error partly to his age and place in the scene at the time: The Edge was on Billy's shit list for some reason in those early days, and Victor, who was a bit younger than those of us working the club (I was a regular sound guy there early on, and a fill-in through the end), was often on the outside looking in.  In other words, honest errors of omission, Nexium For Sale. The biggest of these errors and others I've heard on the boards about that band stand corrected below:

  • The Cvnts were not a cover band, or even close.  Like The Edge, they played a few covers of songs that influenced them.  The vast majority of their repertoire was original.

  • The Cvnts had nothing to do with MT Eye (an actual cover band that played mostly new wave and alternative rock), other than being friends.

  • The Cvnts were not Present Tension (Glasser's later band), where can i order Nexium without prescription, and shared only a single member and a few songs.

Dave Glasser was a personal musical savior for me.  He dragged me to the JC for the first time to run sound for the Cvnts.  In the process he introduced me to most of my future bandmates, and simultaneously pried me out of the cover bands I’d been playing in.  I'm a practical sort, with a deep seated gear lust, so cover bands seemed the only way to go, Cheap Nexium, until Dave infected me with music that mattered.  I think Dave was introduced to bands like the NY Dolls by Cvnt's bassist/singer, Dan Hall, or his close friend and Present Tension bandmate Dave Hahn, but I'm not entirely sure - all that happened before I met them.  Nonetheless, Dave was definitely a major link between his Greenhills crowd, Finneytowners like myself, Nexium dose, and the regional punk/new wave scene that was gelling at the Jockey.  He doesn't get enough credit for his work back then, but we can make it up to him by catching his new band, Sid Hatfield and the Deciders. Order Nexium online overnight delivery no prescription, Anyway...  

While running sound for the Cvnts, I was introduced to Dream 286.  Gary Shell (who would become one of my future partners at Ultrasuede Studio) usually ran sound for Dream, but often had conflicts with dates because he also worked for The Customs and later The Auburnaires, who paid better.  Eventually I was tapped to fill in on a bill they played with the Cvnts.  I kept the gig for the remainder of Dream's run.  Dream's singer/guitarist, Janette Pierce, no prescription Nexium online, later became my first wife, while the rhythm section, Joe Hamm (drums) and Randy Cheek (bass) would move to The Libertines upon the band's dissolution. Nexium For Sale,  This is where we find the a missing chunk of history in Stories for Shorty.  And it's all on me: I had the knowledge and knew the deadlines, Nexium price, coupon, but neglected to put it down when it mattered.  So here's the story...

Dream 286 and it's descendants were largely the vision of keyboardist Doug Hallet and Janette. They’d played together in Latex Theater, where Janette augmented Viv Vinyl on guitar, maybe replacing her down the line but I'm not sure (this was also a bit before my time - clarity welcome in comments!).  Latex Theater wasn't a great band, but they always put on entertaining shows.  Lu Linden was that band's drummer, buying Nexium online over the counter, coming from the legendary Bitter Blood Street Theater, and he subsequently moved on to Dementia Precox.  The presence of keyboards is important here: These were not hardcore punk bands, but new wave.  While there was a crossover in crowds, Comprar en línea Nexium, comprar Nexium baratos, and the scene at the JC was quite diverse, there was a clear division between 3-chord guitar punks and more densely layered, keyboard-driven bands.  While 11,000 Switches and Hospital bands, had keys, they were mostly textural noise, Nexium recreational, while Latex Theater, Dream 286 and it's later incarnations used keys melodically, mostly in support of Janette's guitar.  Joe and Randy brought a strong pop sensibility and general sense of wierd irony to Dream 286 that was in full flower in what started as a side project, The Buddy Bradley Experience, Nexium For Sale.  In those days Doug was a punk in every sense of the word, Nexium pictures, with one of the best record collections in the scene.  He walked the walk, and was frequently dissed for talking the talk: he had a reputation for blunt (sometimes biting) honesty that usually offended.  As a result, his bands were often more popular with fans, especially out of town, than other bands, especially at home.  In spite of Doug's unpopularity, my Nexium experience, Dream 286's record release party was one of the first "sell out" shows, and held the unofficial attendance record until Johnny Thunders show.  I don't recall the full line up, but I'm sure Dementia Precox and Junta were on the bill, and our friend Bradley from Lexington came up with his band whose name escapes me.  It's possible that the Cvnts and Lunch Buddies were on that bill but don't quite me... Buy cheap Nexium, I'll have to ask Doug!

Dementia Precox, on Hospital Records for a time, put out a landmark album, “SCHP”, in 1982.  The year is significant: Listen to work from Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Nexium duration, NIN and other early US rust-belt industrial bands from 1983 onwards.  Dementia played Chicago, Detroit regularly, before moving to California to record and release this great record.  The songs and sound of SCHP were as familiar to regional fans as they were to Jockey regulars, since Dementia played all over.

Another correction to Victor's recollection: The Lunch Buddies were not a precursor to the Ass Ponys, Nexium maximum dosage, nor did it include Randy Cheek or any later-Libertines.  The band consisted of Chuck Cleaver, Dan Klienenger playing sticks and metal objects, and Dave Scott on bass.  I first met Chuck about that time through Libertines' frontman Walt Hodge, at DAAP where we were all students.  He dragged me to Chuck's senior show installation, which consisted of him standing against a gallery wall, Nexium canada, mexico, india, with a garbage can full of clay which viewers could throw at him.  I think I nailed him in the nuts at least once that day.  I was an ass.

By this time, Dream 286 had broken up, and Randy and Joe had moved on to Walt's aforementioned band, while playing in Dan Reed's Buddy Bradley Experience on the side.  Janette and I were living together in a huge house in a bad part of Clifton.  The Cvnts had broken up as well.  I had quit playing in cover bands and teamed up with Dan Hall to form Somebody, Nexium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, while two of my former cover-band mates, Jim McMillan and Dave Hahn, joined Dave Glasser to form Present Tension.  Both groups played a couple Cvnts tunes.  But I never bothered to attempt to cover Dave's guitar parts at all - we turned the grinder Government Satisfaction into a ska tune.  Both Somebody and Present Tension played the Jockey a number of times, and I don't think either band played any covers.  Somebody wasn't nearly as punk as the Cvnts, but got a lot more attention for our attitude:

  • Our debut 7", Nexium results, "Arbeit Mact Frei" was banned from record stores, and even attracted mainstream editorials over it's clearly ironic title (it included an image of McDonald's golden arches soaring over the then-new P&G towers).  Never mind that a jew (me) created the image and title!  Like The Edge's "Newport Gestapo", it suffered from the area's decided lack of context and reason!

  • We were banned from playing The Metro when they arbitrarily decided to stop giving bands the door, as stipulated in our contract that night (up to that point we were clearing $800-1000/night there - we were pissed that they wanted us to settle for $500, Nexium no prescription, outside of our agreement).

Apparently Dan and our lead guitarist, Bone Quinn, scared Phil, the club owner arguing over the unannounced, after-gig change... Nexium For Sale, Phil told me I was allowed in, but the one time I tried to enter, to pick up Janette after a Danse Macabre show, I was summarily bounced.  I taunted the bouncer in the alley, a convict on parole, hoping to get him to hit me so I could have him arrested but he wouldn't take the bait.  He's a better man than I was... I'd have killed me in his shoes!  On the other hand, order Nexium no prescription, Mike Devanney, our keyboard/percussionist, returned many times after our banning, as a patron and a band member in The Nervous Pioneers.  So who knows what was up with all that. Nexium interactions,  All I know is the principle writers of the band, and lead guitarist weren't allowed in, and it was definitely enforced.  Sadly we were too young and dumb to recognize this sequence of events for the break they were.

Danse Macabre is another band that deserves a mention in our history, if only for it's amazing lineups.  Initially Chris Sherman (aka Freekbass) and his buddy Jerry Hunter (now a Welsh scholar living in the UK) joined Janette and Doug, Nexium forum, playing a more electronic set of songs.  Neither musician was old enough to get into clubs, both still in high school at SCPA!  But damn, they were good.  Chris was already a bass prodigy, and Jerry had a different concept of drumming than Joe Hamm brought to Dream 286.  His rhythm and sound was closer to Lu Linden's poly-rhythmic garbage-beats than conventional rock drums.

Around the time Jerry started college, Chris joined Shag.  Danse replaced Jerry with a drum machine, and Chris with Dave Scott.  This lineup lacked the stage presence of the previous groups Janette and Doug worked in for obvious reasons:  Joe and Jerry's crazy, powerful beats were the missing ingredient.  Eventually this band fell apart, Nexium For Sale. Fast shipping Nexium,  As Janette tired of smoothing over Doug's faux pas, she started another project on her own, Alice Stoned, with a friend of Jerry's.  But let me pause for a moment in my story and defend Doug to the scene.  While he was somewhat socially awkward, especially in the Dream 286 days, purchase Nexium online no prescription, by the time of Danse Macabre he was well aware of the problems caused by his ill-timed or insensitive comments.  As a result, he curbed his comments, and really worked hard not to piss people off.  Unfortunately many people didn't notice, or refused to recognize the change and continued to hold things he'd said years earlier against him.  As his regular engineer, Nexium australia, uk, us, usa, I spent a lot of time with him over the years.  Long before he moved to Seattle in the late 80s, he was simply not the asshole people still  had him pegged for.  At that point he was a pretty nice guy, and a pretty good keyboard player.  Our loss.  In retrospect, he was just being a punk, Nexium samples. Nexium For Sale, While I was in Somebody, we got a new roommate.  Greg Dulli was a freshman at UC from Hamiltucky, working at Camelot Records in Northgate Mall.  He took over Jim McMillan's room in our Clifton Danger-house, and almost immediately began forming his own band, The Black Republicans.  Victor gets this part really wrong... The Republicans were as much a comedy act as a band, with songs like "Marvin's Not Gay, He's Dead".  The band included Jamie Osias on guitar, Steve Brown on bass.  In other words: this was NOT the Afghan Whigs, Australia, uk, us, usa, or even a Whigs precursor by any stretch.  Indeed, the band split generally over creative conflicts between Jamie and Greg.  When the Republicans formed, most of the Whigs were not yet living in Cincinnati.

When Janette and I were engaged we moved into our own place, a block away from the old house but much nicer (if not any safer).  A few weeks before our wedding, Nexium without a prescription, a new neighbor moved in across the hall, a new photographer for the Enquirer from D.C., John Curley.  John and I hit it off immediately, since we were both gear heads into music.  I immediately introduced John to my friends, Nexium natural, but at this point I still barely knew him.  Since my former roomie Greg was a block away, and on good terms with our new chow, Tzung Tung Gao, I asked him to house-sit for us while we were on our honeymoon.  When we returned, he and John were fast friends.   

Later during that summer of 1985, where to buy Nexium, John moved to a basement apartment in the place next door, to better use the recording gear he'd begun collecting, while we found a house in the safer Northside area.  Greg had become John's constant companion, while John encouraged Janette and I to use his gear to record a project that was slowly morphing into Sex Device at his place.  One night we stopped over and met this spacey kid from Louisville, Buy Nexium online cod, who Greg's school friend Michelle Dickenson knew.  Greg, John and newcomer Rick McCollom were working on new music - it took awhile for us to realize Greg had gotten very serious about music (when I met him he dreamed of acting, not music).  This was the roots of the Afghan Whigs (never mind the tales about jails).

Former Lunch Buddy and later Danse Macabre bassist Dave Scott was our constant companion around this time.  He had bought an Alesis keyboard with a built-in sequencer, and made lots of crazy songs in his basement "Straight Studios" using any device capable of producing or storing sound, Nexium For Sale.  He was like a mad scientist down there.  Eventually this stuff was released as solo projects, on his own label, buy generic Nexium, Dangerous Music. As a film major in college, and by this time, an industrial video producer, Dave was my go-to composer as well.  Dave's a natural networker, and as bbs's morphed into the internet, he reached across the region to other artists.  In this role he opened new doors for Jockey refugees like us, after the original doors had closed. Nexium For Sale, With all that as background, I should apologize for giving short-shrift to many other bands whose stories I don't know.  Junta got a couple nice lines that hint at their originality and greatness.  Flamboyant singer Paul Stewart and guitarists Billy Wol, and Mike Davis truly rocked the scene, and made everyone work harder to entertain a crowd.  I think Dennis the Menace had broken up by the time the JC opened, but Mike Devanney, Jerry Chambers, Robert Beatty, Fred Pies and the much-loved Marc Chenault almost certainly played there as The Nervous Pioneers.  I bet Shag played the Jockey too, though I never saw them there.

All in all, Stories for Shorty is a remarkable book, and it's editors have made a whole greater than the sum of it's parts.  It's shortcomings fall on us, the staff and artists who didn't take the time to tell their own stories.  So I offer these stories as an apologetic addendum, not a critique.  As my memory clears, I'll post more in comments.  But for anyone who was there, it's a must-buy.

Dave Davis

PS: I'm sure my memories are at least as flawed as Victors, so please set me straight, wherever I stray, in comments.

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Buy Zovirax Without Prescription

It's hard to imagine a worse disaster for the media world than the proposed XM/Sirius merger Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, . In spite of the hoopla, assurances, Zovirax australia, uk, us, usa, and analysis, Purchase Zovirax online, on every level, this deal stinks by definition. While we firmly reject "zero-sum" economic models, Zovirax blogs, we recognize real benefits in competition. Buy generic Zovirax, There's plenty of pie to go around, as long as the pie keeps growing. Competition and risk drive innovation, buy cheap Zovirax no rx, which in turn enables growth. Lack of competition results in market stagnation, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax price, Stagnant markets not only don't grow, but evaporate. Take a closer look at how this merger will affect the media market, generic Zovirax.

Consumers will be hit first, Buy Zovirax without prescription, if not worst, by this change. First and foremost, Zovirax natural, subscription prices will be disconnected from a real market. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, After you've invested in special hardware to listen, especially in-dash systems, you are more likely to accept a non-stop stream of small increases over time. Zovirax canada, mexico, india, Like health care costs, the lack of direct competition and the false appearance of choice (does DBS really compete with free radio?) mean there will be no disincentive for regular price increases.

Direct Broadcast Satellite systems are enormous technological undertakings, purchase Zovirax online no prescription, requiring enormous capital outlays. Buy Zovirax from canada, Since the turn of the century, XM and Sirius have continuously pushed the technology, increasing channels and quality, order Zovirax online c.o.d, while making subscriptions affordable. Zovirax cost, As a result of their competition, XM has developed technology superior to their sole competitor, Sirius, doses Zovirax work. Meanwhile Sirius focused on new content models, developing programming that differs from conventional radio, alongside more open talk formats, like Howard Stern's shows, which drove subscriptions, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. While a merger will certainly reduce infrastructure costs, Zovirax brand name, and improve Sirius' technology and XM's programming, the incentive to innovate in either arena will largely disappear. Today both companies deliver superior programming compared to most terrestrial broadcasts, Zovirax forum, by any measure, Order Zovirax no prescription, because they must out-do each other in the race for subscribers in a mutually exclusive market. After a merger the competition returns to earth. DBS will have to be better than broadcast radio and cable/web based "music choice" channels and home made podcasts, Zovirax alternatives, but the strongest competitor for each company will vanish overnight. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, So much for innovative programming. Buy cheap Zovirax, Investors of both companies are also losers. While competition meant significant risk for all shareholders, it guaranteed significant reward for those of at least one company, Zovirax maximum dosage. In the worst case, Discount Zovirax, the weaker broadcaster might collapse entirely, but with good management and innovation it shouldn't be hard (much less impossible) for them to survive on less than half of a market much larger than todays. The nearly inevitable outcome of their current battle is more receivers and subscription for both, Zovirax without prescription, the only question is who gets more. Competition is harder than riding the gravy train for sure, but it grows the train and creates more gravy, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax dangers, Here's what we know for sure: Given that there are THREE major TV networks, a few more major radio networks, dozens of cable system operators, Zovirax for sale, hundreds of cable networks and literally thousands of individual broadcasters in the US alone, No prescription Zovirax online, there are more than enough subscribers for two satellite radio systems.

It appears the management of both companies are colluding to drive down the cost of programming. The status quo has given B list celebs and radio personalities enormous raises, Zovirax dosage, relative to their previous earnings on terrestrial networks. Zovirax interactions, Launching and maintaining a system of satellites, not to mention creating, marketing and supporting receivers and constantly developing software is not an inexpensive proposition, Zovirax description. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, The merger's immediate effect on that investment is to severely discount one of the two company's ground-side technology (which amortized over time becomes a long term drag on profits). There are some savings in administration, Zovirax pharmacy, and some potential savings in consolidating facilities. But the biggest savings of all are to be found when it's time to negotiate talent contracts and deals. Given the state of terrestrial broadcasting and podcasting, ordering Zovirax online, for the real stars, Zovirax long term, DBS has suddenly become a one horse town. The same is true in music: Satellite already has a better deal than webcasters, but if their music channels become star-making vehicles as radio once was, where can i buy Zovirax online, expect that deal to improve.

This deal has no winners, but it's not really about that, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Zovirax reviews, It's an early venture in "dataculture", and like early agriculture, there are some bugs to work out of the model, Zovirax no rx. These competitors have recognized the facts presented here, and determined that while the rewards accrue slowly but steadily, risk is a constant. XM and Sirius have decided that since upside growth is largely fixed (audience can never exceed population) they are better off sharing the rewards, than driving up the cost of goods through competitive pressures and adding to their risk. This merger is all about eliminating the possibility of losing at an opportune moment in time (before the next round of talent bidding and technology upgrades begin). Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, So what's the problem. First, one of these companies stands to "win" in today's market, and in the process define the norms for both company's future survival. Merging eliminates the rewards for the winners entirely, while guaranteeing the "losers" investment is no longer at risk (removing all possibility of rebound or turnarounds that happen all the time in every market). Similarly consumer choice will be eliminated, putting it entirely on government regulators to protect their existing investment in hardware, and subscription decisions they've already made. Finally artists and creative talent suffer severely when there is no competition. Entertainment monopolies are among the most difficult to police and prosecute once they get rolling, and their effect on the market has historically never been positive. This deal really smells bad for everyone other than the executives and big-time investors who are using it to hedge past bad bets.

Dave Davis
Media Designer . Sound Images.

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