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Phenergan For Sale, Back during my days at Sound Images I was responsible for advancing the art and science of podcasting. Phenergan over the counter,  I've flexed those muscles further as a teacher, using podcasts academically; my students turn in most projects as podcasts, Phenergan from canada. Phenergan blogs,  So I was intrigue by a story I read (yeah, I know, fast shipping Phenergan, Kjøpe Phenergan på nett, köpa Phenergan online, reading is obsolete) in Peter Kafka's column  on the AllThingsD blog about Radio Refugee Adam Carolla.  What's interesting is this: Carolla elected to stick to podcasting, Phenergan long term, Rx free Phenergan, rather than seek another morning talk-radio gig.

This decision is interesting for a couple reasons, Phenergan reviews.  First, it appears Adam Carolla's audience has shrunk to the point where he wasn't getting the kind of bucks he's accustomed to, so he's rolling the dice on this "new media thing."  Still, a comedian with Carolla's resume should be able to land a paying gig, Phenergan For Sale. Low dose Phenergan,  To trade a paycheck for a speculative project like this indicates radio's erosion continues - the paycheck must not have been very steady.  Talk radio's appeal is naturally limited, purchase Phenergan, Phenergan pictures, but the shift away from live broadcast to recorded media indicates the model is in trouble broadly. No surprise: Narrow, order Phenergan online c.o.d, Buy Phenergan no prescription, legal strictures make talk boring, while satellite and now podcasts let the talkers push any and every envelope, Phenergan results. Buying Phenergan online over the counter,  But geek that I am, Carolla's workflow and process led me to write this post, where can i cheapest Phenergan online. Phenergan For Sale, Apparently Carolla is applying a principle we've been talking about for the past 5 years. Buy Phenergan without a prescription,  Continuous creation is a process that assumes interesting, useful products surround us, my Phenergan experience. Taking Phenergan,  A new creative role is to recognize, capture and re-package the ideas, Phenergan class, Australia, uk, us, usa, images, sounds, Phenergan online cod, Buy Phenergan online no prescription, or experiences in real time.  All information has value, Phenergan schedule, What is Phenergan, but we can't quantify that value when that data is created.  We have to wait, where can i order Phenergan without prescription.  Only application can unwrap the value of a given bit of information, Phenergan For Sale. Phenergan pics,  Carolla's show differs from his radio work in it's recognition and embrace of this creative shift.

According to Kafka, where can i buy cheapest Phenergan online, Phenergan over the counter, Carolla stumbled onto this paradigm naturally.  He's been plugging away, order Phenergan online overnight delivery no prescription, Cheap Phenergan, doing random, uninterrupted talking on a daily basis, about Phenergan. Phenergan trusted pharmacy reviews,  It appears to be the classic internet startup, moving from a spare room at home to a rented garage, generic Phenergan. Phenergan For Sale,  This adds some costs, but the article pegs them at $3000/month. Phenergan dose,  No problem: Carolla is prohibited from earning a living with his mouth by a non-compete with his former bosses (been there, done that!), so he needs no steenkin' revenue model.

This is good.  On a personal level, it can't hurt Carolla's chops to keep working the mic.  But in building an audience of 400,000+ listeners, he's created something akin to a private-label radio station.  The real value of 800,000 ears is actually knowable, thanks to radio, Phenergan For Sale.  Carolla's operations are tiny, far more efficient than any radio station, so he commands an audience of salable size with a much lower investment than his competition.  

It's not yet obvious to The Powers That Be, but the value of those ears can grow in ways broadcast audiences cannot.  Podcast audiences are more similar to public radio listeners, focused on content and appreciative of curatorial talent.  They are more likely to support sponsors than commercial radio listeners, because those sponsors seem to share intrinsic values.  Public radio sponsorship works because listeners want to support businesses that support the programming they care about.  Well-integrated podcast promotion can have similar appeal.  Interesting times, as they say...

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  1. sprewell on April 7th, 2009

    Ummm no, he didn’t want to get up in the mornings anymore and is busy ramping up production on a CBS pilot for TV. No doubt broadcast is dying though. The winning model online will be micropayments, not sponsorship or ads.

  2. Dave Davis on April 7th, 2009

    I’ll take your word for motives… all we know for sure is audience was declining, and CBS has definitely kept a grip on his career.

    Micropayments are a workable model, but the most commonly pitched ideas for implementation are pretty bad: in music industry they differ little from the “DAT Tax” or “CD-R Music” scheme. People with track records, who have already made it will make a few bucks, everyone else gets scraps. The most promoted model these days is based on the ASCAP model for broadcast rights tracking, which is inferior to SESACs because it uses charts and other metrics to divine an imaginary payment schedule. SESAC polls fewer stations, but bases on all royalty payments on actual spins/plays. The ASCAP model is convoluted, inherently (and accepted as) inaccurate, and is designed to miss low-volume spins, while over-estimating popularity (and revenue for) hits. So there’s some work to be done on these models.

    The good news: in new media, real numbers are in fact knowable, so there’s no need for the kinds of micropayment schemes being pitched by major labels.

    The bad news: throwing up your hands and forcing ISPs to pay some flat statutory rate is model that emphasizes “micro” and really doesn’t solve the bigger problem of generating sufficient revenue to avoid artist dumpster-diving.

    Nonetheless, Carolla’s podcast adventure is positive. It suggests a new kind of programming, and comes with it’s own audience built-in. Free of the pressure to earn, he’s freed to be more creative, whenever he decides to get up in the morning. The result is unique content, and a fairly sustainable model by any of the means you mention. Progress.

    I wouldn’t say broadcast is dying, but it’s clearly mutating. It has a clear role in disseminating local information on a real time basis, and barring major change in the human condition, that’s a real benefit. Ironically, HD Radio might hurt radio in the short term; it splits the audience, de-emphasizes real-time data, and lacks the universal compatibility and simplicity of analog broadcast (if we were nuked tomorrow, I could build a functioning crystal set from junk laying around my house). While animated Flash baseball diamonds offer a new way to enjoy a ball game, they pale in comparison to a broadcast by Marty Brenneman. Games on TV are only as good as the announcers too. So for some things, radio is pretty ideal and thus will be around for awhile.

    Thanks for the comments! Drop more! ;)

  3. Larry on August 31st, 2009

    Nice write up…usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info.

  4. sprewell on September 15th, 2009

    Actually, Adam’s radio show numbers were increasing and he was no. 1 in many markets, like Las Vegas or Seattle, but they flipped the whole talk station to music so they dumped him along with all their other talent. Considering he was making $1.8 mil this year, he chose to ride out his current contract rather than take another radio gig. I don’t know the details of the antiquated ASCAP/SESAC schemes that you think are representative of micropayments, but online micropayments will actually benefit new entrants much more than established players. However, they won’t benefit musicians as music will be mostly free for a variety of reasons, digital music will be a marketing cost for paid live concerts. I agree that it’s great Adam experimented with podcasting and I think he will be an internet superstar, one of the few entertainers who will be able to command a giant audience on the highly fragmented niches of the internet when broadcast is dead. I’ll give you another example of what replaces broadcast: rather than listening to Brenneman or whichever announcer your TV station hires and imposes, you will just choose the sportscaster audio feed of your choice. You might choose Brenneman to listen to while watching the video feed, I might choose the Sports Guy Bill Simmons’s game commentary. Radio, TV, newspapers, all the broadcast media will be dead and gone within a decade and most information will be consumed online. All we’re missing is the final catalyst, micropayments, which several companies are finally working on, including the WSJ and MySpace. Once micropayments are here, the old broadcast order which is now collapsing will finally go under, mark my words.

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