MUSIC|MEDIA|DESIGN is all about, well, music, media, design and the culture surrounding all three in the 21st century. Think of it as an open research project, an on-going conversation about the shift away from mass markets and media to micro markets and media. We're owned/operated by The All Night Party LLC, a music company that makes, packages, promotes and sells music for the top artists in our region (southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky).  At the moment we pay the bills by making records, mostly mastering and product design, but we also do some mixing/tracking and hosting workshops on the music and recording industry.  music|media|design is the production side of The All Night Party. Our blog's focused on the entertainment industry, we'll check in with tangentially related items. Wherever the topics need us to be, we'll venture. MUSIC|MEDIA|DESIGN differs from other blogs in that our articles will rarely be "gut pieces". We'll shoot from the hip but hopefully AFTER we've given it a little thought and consideration!  We're more of a link-aggregator, like Plastic.com, only focused on a single industry. Right now we means me, daved@musicmediadesign.com. We hope it includes you too soon... comment or post an article.

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  1. John1152 on August 28th, 2008

    Great site. Good info